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39… Upper Bar Ferd’nand extends the 2015 Capitol Hill new opening wave


CHS’s yearly tallies are probably missing a name here or there, include some stretch-y borders, might include a double-count or three, and… well, you get the idea. (Source: CHS)

CHS’s yearly tallies (Source: CHS)

Such was 2015 in Capitol Hill food+drink that we’re adding an epilogue to our year in review post only a few hours after publishing. Upper Bar Ferd’nand, sibling to the Melrose Market original, is slated to debut Tuesday inside the bustling Chophouse Row development.

Focused on wine by the glass and European bar plates, Marc Papineau told CHS to expect a larger Ferd’nand in Chophouse with more food and a wood-fire oven. Meanwhile back in Melrose, Ferdinand co-owner Matt Dillon and Papineau readjusted their spaces in the market to make more space for Dillon’s Sitka and Spruce and downsize Lower Bar Ferd’nand.

Though it’s his second link-up with a Liz Dunn project, Dillon tells CHS it wasn’t really his intention to be part of a “new Melrose Market.”

“She had a space that felt good to both Marc and I — I wasn’t really looking to be part of a market-y concept,” Dillon said.

The goal was simply to find a new home for a larger Ferdinand with space to cook food and showcase ingredients from Dillon’s Vashon Island farm. The relatively small space with a roll-up door and — at the right time of day and year — lots of light was exactly what Dillon said he was looking for.

“It wasn’t very big — we didn’t really want to do something crazy and extensive,” Dillon said.

Like its low-Hill counterpart, Upper Ferdinand will also feature a bottle shop guided by Papineau.

Hours this week are limited and expect a few days off to start the New Year, according to the sign posted at Chophouse. Lower Ferdinand’s annual NYE bubbly party, in the meantime, is again part of the Hill’s 2016 party roster.

Check out for hours and more.

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5 years ago

Congratulations Marc! Some of the best French white wine in Washington state!

5 years ago

Ferdinand or Ferd’nand?