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Blotter | Road rage suspect flashed handgun, drove onto Capitol Hill bike trail

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here. Don’t worry — There’s not a crime wave underway. SPD’s report system was down for a few weeks starting in late November but — apparently — nobody complained. CHS finally complained — and now it’s fixed. Below, we’ll catch you up on some of end of 2015 shenanigans from the streets of Capitol Hill and the East Precinct.

  • Two arrested for road rage threats: Police arrested two 22-year-olds after one allegedly flashed a handgun in a road rage incident on Capitol Hill Tuesday evening. According to SPD’s Blotter, the incident began when the two victims were at a standstill inside a their car waiting for pedestrians to cross so they could turn into their parking garage near Bellevue and Melrose. While they were waiting, the two suspects drove up behind them and began honking. One of the suspects flashed a handgun tucked inside his waistband. The victims called 911 and the two 22-year-olds drove away on to the Melrose Connector Trail where police arrested both for harassment.
  • Bike rider reports road rage: Police investigated a reported road rage incident December 14th on E Madison:
    Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.00.07 PMPolice say the rider suffered some minor injuries in the incident but that the victim and witnesses weren’t sure they would be able to identify the driver if he saw her again.
  • Seattle visitor robbed: A man exploring Capitol Hill on a trip to Seattle was robbed at gunpoint at 22nd and E Madison on November 23rd. The victim told police he and the suspect met outside a Pike/Pine bar and then took a cab to 22nd and E Madison together. After coming out of a store, the two walked to a park where the suspect displayed a handgun and demanded money and jewelry. The victim said the suspect the told him to “walk back to the Hill or I will kill you.”
  • Honey Bucket assault: A resident of a building that overlooks the Dick’s Drive-In on Broadway called police on November 28th after witnessing a woman trying to use a corkscrew to stab a man sitting inside a portable toilet located on the restaurant’s parking lot. The victim, who is deaf, communicated to officers that he was uninjured because he deflected the blows with his arm. The suspect was arrested for assault at the scene.
  • Thrown poop bag leads to fight: Police were called to the scene of a fight December 10th which started with an argument and one man throwing a bag of dog poop at another man’s car. A boyfriend and girlfriend were walking their dogs near E Olive Way and Boylston Ave, according to the police report. When they reached the intersection, a male driver began honking at the couple. The driver later said he was letting the couple know it was safe to cross. The girlfriend told police the dogs were afraid to cross the road and the driver began calling her names when they didn’t cross. The boyfriend then threw a bag of dog poop at the honking poop

The driver chased down the couple and punched the boyfriend while the girlfriend hit the driver with a piece of wood. Police made no arrests.

  • Man beaten while unconscious: Witnesses to a December 15th fight between two men at Pike and Boren told police the situation went from bad to worse when a third man began punching and kicking one of the two after he was knocked unconscious. Witnesses identified the victim, who was known to officers. Officers tracked down the suspect in his apartment building and arrested him for assault. The victim required stitches and further medical attention, according to the police report.punched while down
  • Gas station beer robbery: A man stole a beer from the 76 gas station at 23rd and Union on December 15th and punched the clerk in the process. According to SPD, the suspect tried to purchase the beer with a credit card. When the card declined, the suspect walked out with the beer and began drinking it. The clerk told police that the suspect punched him when he approached him about the card. The clerk then hailed down and officer who arrested the suspect after he admitted to stealing the beer. According to police, the clerk was not injured and declined to assist with prosecution as he didn’t want to get in trouble with his employer.
  • Home invader arrested: Police arrested a man who allegedly forced his way into a Capitol Hill apartment just after midnight on December 12th. The victim told police he was entering his apartment near E Olive St. and Boylston when he heard someone approaching from behind. The suspect allegedly pushed his way into the apartment and told the victim to be quiet. When the suspect wouldn’t leave, the resident told police he forced the man outside and called police. Police found the suspect nearby and arrested him for burglary.
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2 thoughts on “Blotter | Road rage suspect flashed handgun, drove onto Capitol Hill bike trail

  1. Hm… of course that cyclist didn’t do ANYTHING to provoke her. Maybe but, he’s not going to say if he did and why didn’t he just stop riding or turn onto a side road when she was continually driving beside him yelling and trying to run him off the road? Not to say what she did was okay but, cyclists in this city are the worst (and, for the record, I was one for over 5 years).