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CHS Pics | This YEAR in Capitol Hill pictures

Most weeks, we share the best of the CHS Flickr Pool in a weekly round-up we call the This week in Capitol Hill pictures. In 2015, more than 5,400 photographs were added to the pool. Sometime in the next few weeks — maybe even before 2016 arrives — the 30,000th photo will be shared in the pool. Above, you see see thumbnails of the 10 “most interesting” 2015 photos from the pool — you’ll note the algorithm’s measurement leans toward the obvious. Even in a Capitol Hill Flickr Pool, Seattle’s Space Needle looms large. Below, we’ve dug through the “most interesting” rankings to pull out images with Capitol Hill and Central Seattle-specific imagery as well as filtered out multiple appearances by some of our most accomplished photographers. Sorry, Tim and Dean, but we wanted to also show the great shots shared by some of the other photographers. Thanks to all for sharing your pictures. If you have a favorite in the pool and didn’t make the “most interesting” list, let us know what we’re missing in comments. Happy New Year.



say what?


let love rule


Seattle Thunderstorm

Denny Way Stray

Capitol Hill - Volunteer Park - Angelia Bella Photography

Volunteer Park

Spring is in the air [Explore 2015-0509]

Hydrant Lounge

Walking the dog

East Union Street, Pike/Pine


Color of Prosperity

Peace Man

// a light touch along the back // seattle


Seattle - Capitol Hill - ©Angelia Bella Photography

Street art

The Haines

// heart beat sync // seattle

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