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Ruckus ‘defiantly’ opens as Capitol Hill’s first pot shop


Sam Burke (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

Sam Burke (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

A fortuitous spelling error on the front door of Capitol Hill’s first marijuana shop could not have been more fitting. After more than a year of twists and turns, Ruckus opened for business last Friday with a sign that boasts, “Yes we are defiantly open.”

Owner Sam Burke said the name of the 15th and E Republican shop was similarly inspired by the long road it took for Capitol Hill to get its first I-502 shop after the legalization measure was approved by voters in 2012. “It seemed to fit the vibe more than Tok,” he said.

The first thing customers will likely notice inside Ruckus is the size. It’s small. So small, it’s hard to image how former tenant Ray Angel ever crammed in his century-old cobbler machines to run Angel’s Shoe Repair.

Still, Burke said he’s committed to make the most out of the space, treating it like an evolving art installation. The plans for Saturday’s grand opening sure sound that way: A harp player will woo customers from the shop’s back bathroom and Boe Oddissey has been booked to perform his renowned scarf dancing. Novelty art hangs on the walls (not to mention the image of a bird perched on a human tongue plastered over the front windows) and to unlock product discounts, customers must solve a puzzle in under 30 seconds or identify the authors of a quotes hidden behind an old washing machine door.

“We want you to know you’re not in Kansas any more as soon as you walk in the door,” Burke said. “We want it to be fun.”

The space is still intimate enough that moms and dads from the surrounding residential neighborhood should feel comfortable to run in after dropping packages at Postal Plus next door.

Grams of the shop’s 20+ strains run from $10-$21 and pre-rolled joints start at $7. In addition to its selection of buds, Ruckus also carries a familiar array of tinctures, topicals, edibles, and pipes.

Ruckus staff are all receiving a minimum $15 an hour wage, Burke said. Tips for bud tenders will be donated to a rotating lineup of local charities. This month it’s Northwest Harvest.

Ruckus is located at 1465 E Republican and is open 10 AM to 10 PM every day. Learn more by visiting Ruckus on Facebook.

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13 thoughts on “Ruckus ‘defiantly’ opens as Capitol Hill’s first pot shop” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

    • Cripes, you aren’t kidding; the logo and the huge open mouth photo are just hideous. Is the owner a juggalo? Because this looks like juggalo art, minus any sort of clown theme. Looking closer on their facebook page you can see that the guy in the window photo is also wearing what looks like a ratty wife beater tank….. the name and “art” all comes together to resemble the anti-drug crusader version of a stoner. Or a shitty tattoo shop out in the sticks.

      I live 2 blocks from here, a huge proponent of legal marijuana, and between the eyesore of this place, and the fact that this guy jerked over a decades old business to get this spot, well…. it really bums me out.

      • wow. haha
        So you don’t appreciate the art, that’s just… you know, like, your opinion, man.
        Lot’s of people don’t appreciate art that isn’t commercial, so you’re not alone. But I personally appreciate the art and think it is quite appropriate for the neighborhood.
        It’s not vulgar. But I suppose vulgarity is in the eye of the beholder.
        Plenty of stores all along the street have much less artistic signage. Maybe you can enjoy the non-artistic ones and let us enjoy the ones that aren’t basic.
        I’m glad to see this establishment joining the neighborhood. Also, the guy who ran the shoe store was an asshole and I’m glad to see him gone. Maybe you’d be more happy in a less edgy part of town like Magnolia or Greenwood?

  1. Looks like the Uncle Ike’s employees are bitter in the comments. Ruckus is a great shop, with artsy decor and knowledgeable staff. I look forward to taking my business here when I’m on the Hill.

    • Went there last week. Have been going to Ike’s without complains but this is much closer. Nice place, fast, and prices seem the same as Ike’s, at least for what I purchased. Super friendly crew as well.