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The Scotch Pine to add ‘cuts to Chophouse Row

FullSizeRenderWhen Capitol Hill developer Liz Dunn set out to create the final piece of her puzzle on the block of Pike/Pine between 12th and 11th, Pike and Union, she decided to create a project that would take a different position in the neighborhood’s many mixed-use creations. The floors above Chophouse Row are filled with office space, not apartments. Her commercial space is also a mix — a recipe that will be boosted with the addition of popular Seattle barbershop The Scotch Pine.

“I remember sitting back in that area while Josh was playing Capitol Hill Block Party and thinking this would be a great place,” Emily Rawlings tells CHS of the preservation-friendly development her “modern barbershop your granddad would be proud of” will call home with the New Year.

Rawlings and her husband, pianist Josh Rawlings, are familiar parts of the city’s music scene and have their Capitol Hill connections but it was the available space and Central Seattle proximity as much as anything that drew the stylist to Chophouse Row.

“We have a really great following,” she said. “We get people that come from all over Seattle.”

The Scotch Pine is cut from old school barbershop cloth with a focus on quality and style — and a hot towel and a neck shave at the end. Cuts start around $35 — $15 for a buzz.

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Its move to Capitol Hill after two years on 1st Ave N also has a slightly ironic driver given the rapid pace of development up here. Rawlings said as an inexperienced business owner, she was surprised to find the lease for her first location included a demolition clause. Yup, The Scotch Pine’s old home is about to be torn down for a new mixed-use project. Such is life in a booming Seattle. There shouldn’t be any concern about demolition at her new location for at least a few decades, right?

With its move from Lower Queen Anne, The Scotch Pine will also be leaving one popular element behind: no booze. Rawlings said a liquor license for the new location isn’t currently in the cards.

The new home inside Chophouse Row will be kitty corner to the newly opened Upper Bar Ferdinand. Designed by Jeff Busby of SRG Partnership and with elements created by Andy Whitcomb and Forest Eckley of Glasswing, Rawlings said the new shop will also have a retail section.

While it might seem that  new bars and restaurants get all the pixels on CHS, there is more entrepreneurial activity on Capitol Hill than food and drink. One of the neighborhood’s strongest sectors is style and beauty services. And, even with two Rudy’s and lots of great salons all over the Hill, we’re getting more — beauty salons ranked #8 on our list of top new businesses in District 3 in 2015.

At the new Scotch Pine, Rawlings might not be available for appointments for a little while. She welcomed a new baby to the Pacific Northwest earlier this month. The now-mom-of-three says there’s another reason she hopes to stay put in her barbershop’s new home.

“I feel like there’s a baby anytime we have a move or something,” Rawlings said. It’s OK, mom. Your kids are going to have great hair.

The Scotch Pine is slated to open in the first week of January inside 11th Ave’s Chophouse Row. You can learn more at

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7 thoughts on “The Scotch Pine to add ‘cuts to Chophouse Row

  1. $35 for a ten minute haircut? Sounds like it would go great with a $5 doughnut from General Porpoise. Just go to Tim’s barbershop on 15th for half the price.

  2. If you’d really like to make a barbershop my grouchy “granddad would be proud of” then you’d charge a dime for a cut, a nickel for a shave, and have separate water fountains for the whites and coloreds. Don’t think he’d be too impressed with a $35 haircut from a dope smoking hippie…

    In all seriousness, seems like they give great looking haircuts but can stores please start moving on from these idealized retro themes.