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Capitol Hill Block Party announces 2016 20th anniversary lineup

IMG_0067CbWRQTrXEAAJlc8Capitol Hill Block Party’s producers are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the annual summer music festival with an earlier than usual announcement of the acts that will take to the stages of Pike/Pine in July.

As usual, the three-day event will bring a mix of big indie acts that won’t completely overwhelm the limited festival space — one of the few ticketed music festivals that takes place on a city’s public streets. CHBP’s full list of performers usually follows in the months leading up to the July festival.

Last year, the Block Party rolled out a new, neighborhood-focused brand. “It’s nice to have our visual mark distinguished with the geography of our footprint and neighborhood,” producer Jason LaJeunesse told CHS in 2015. “The event has become a real part of the fabric of the Capitol Hill over the last almost two decades and we wanted a proper logo and mark that, in the simplest way, could represent us and our neighborhood.”

LaJeunesse hears from business partner Joey Burgess at the 2015 festival (Image: CHS)

LaJeunesse hears from business partner Joey Burgess at the 2015 festival (Image: CHS)

The festival’s growth has been a tricky business for producers. The festival takes place in the shadows of Pike/Pine’s continued development. “It’s been challenging to book the types of acts that we want to attract,” LaJeunesse said prior to the 2015 edition of CHBP. “Overall, expenses have doubled over the past five years.” In 2015, Block Party ticket sales were on pace to hit 2014’s mark or around 28,000 over the three days.

While the Block Party in its current iteration has reached its 20th summer, the event dates back even further if you include the early events that were more street fair than massive music festival.

Through its beginnings as a free, disorganized street party to its current glossy, highly produced big festival status, the Block Party has found itself shifted into the establishment and powering local commerce initiatives like the monthly Capitol Hill art walk. For a trip down the memory block and a look at the fun — and the issues — surrounding Block Parties past, check out our CHS CHBP coverage here.

2015’s big names included TV on the Radio, RATATAT, and The Kills. Our 2015 coverage is here: Day One | Day Two | Day Three

Three-day passes for 2016’s July 22nd to 24th festival went on sale Tuesday — $135, or $158 after taxes and fees. You can buy yours and learn more at

2016 Capitol Hill Block Party Lineup

Crystal Castles

The Joy Formidable
The Cave Singers
Car Seat Headrest
Israel Nash
Pure Bathing Culture
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Phoebe Ryan
Ultimate Painting
Porter Ray
The Dip
Great Good Fine OK
Dilly Dally
Mild High Club

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Jeanine A
Jeanine A
4 years ago

I am excited to see local band Odesza gets top billing!
BTW, the CH art walk is monthly – every second Thursday. Typo in article says it is annual.

4 years ago

Sick! An overcrowded festival with a bunch of crappy plans clogging up my neighborhood. Soooo stoked!!!!!!

4 years ago

Every year I feel bad for anyone who lives in that area.

4 years ago

I live in the area, actually on 17th-the noise is a bit much and please stop leaving your beer bottles in the front yard and please don’t upchuck or urninate on the rosebushes and PLEASE do not leave your used condoms where the doggies can get them. Thank you!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Charlene

oops URINATE. The other word involves pottery-urns

4 years ago

I was wondering if any local bands can submit to be in this year’s block party?