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5 years ago

Why should the citizens of Seattle bail out a private company who were not capable of doing their job? Can the city do a better job? Most people that NEED to get around Seattle to get to low waged jobs, take their kids to the baby sitter, go to the grocery store, can barely afford bus fare. Has the city forgotten that bus fares went up? That bus routes were taken away from the elderly, and the handicapped, and that we no longer can ride free downtown? At the age of 67yrs. if the bus came to early or to late I would run three blocks to Ezells so I would not be late for work because management was trying everything to get me to retire which is the norm these days to save money. Forget the law and weak unions. How many women ride bikes to work, how many people of color riding bikes, how many children are safe riding bikes in the dark and the rain to go back and forth to school at the busiest times of the day? I want stats before the city spends more money on a group of young white males who the city is catering to on every level. Let’s be honest, most of the people getting off the Microsoft bus are white males. South Lake Union is a city within a city with a population of mostly white males who can walk to work to work, can afford to buy a bike or can be picked up in a nice comfortable private business bus. The people who want this service but don’t need it, can afford to pay for it them selves if they want it bad enough. The pot holes in the public ally behind my house, are getting so big