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Election Day reminder: Last day to vote on school levies

Seattle's new Education Director Dwane Chappelle (Image:

Murray and Seattle’s first ever Education Director, Dwane Chappelle (Image:

Where are all the Schools First parties at? It’s a quiet version of the madhouse you can expect come November — but it’s still Election Day.

Tuesday, February 9th, 8:00 PM is the deadline to get your ballot postmarked or delivered to a drop-off location or accessible voting center. And, don’t forget, the Broadway post office is now open in its new location.

CHS outlined the two school levies on the ballot for Seattle voters last month. Seattle Public Schools is expected to add 4,000 students by 2020 to its current 52,000 student population. Officials, including Mayor Ed Murray, say the levies are crucial to meeting the demands of the school’s growing population and uncertain funding future with the state. Murray is also pushing for a new $290 million housing levy that could hit the ballot this summer — or join the crazy rush of democracy we’ll be fortunate to experience this November.

Meanwhile, Seattle school kids will have a familiar face in a new role to help make sure the levy money is well spent. Monday, the City Council confirmed the selection of Dwane Chappelle as the first ever Education Director for Seattle:

City Council voted unanimously to confirm Dwane Chappelle as the new Director for the Department of Education and Early Learning today. Chappelle served as principal for Rainier Beach High School since 2011 and, under his leadership, achieved a 79 percent graduation rate that exceeded the district average. Chappelle also garnered great success with the school’s International Baccalaureate program.

The Council announced Chappelle’s goals include “implementing the ambitious Seattle Preschool Program phase-in schedule,” and “working with Seattle Public Schools to address the persistent opportunity gap minority students face.” He’ll also be tasked with pushing forward education levies: the Families and Education Levy and the Seattle Preschool Levy. Both expire in 2018.


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