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Police investigate after thief cuts hole in wall, burgles E Pine shop

It’s been a tough month for businesses that have called 501 E Pine home — past and present.

Monday, CHS reported on the announcement from Black Coffee that the anarchist co-op had given up on its search for a new home after leaving Capitol Hill. Last week, the business that replaced Black Coffee suffered a peculiar break-in involving a crafty burglar who came up with a unique way to bust into E Pine’s Public Bikes shop in the middle of the night and make off with more than $1,200 in booty.

According to the SPD report on the break-in that took place around midnight Saturday, February 6th, police responding to the reported burglary arrived to find a hole had been cut in a wall of the building. An enterprising burglar apparently sliced through the building’s drywall and accessed the shop via an inner hallway before making off with Public’s safe containing around $300 in cash and two Ipads. A “security company modem” was also pulled down and appeared to have been tampered with. Police searched the area around where the hole was cut but didn’t find any equipment or evidence left behind.

Police say the shop was equipped with surveillance equipment and detectives were waiting to review any video from the burglary.

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