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As great Capitol Hill pizza rush of 2016 plays out, veteran Amante’s upgrades

“We’ve been here for nine years and I think we’ll be here for another nine years.”

The pizza game at the corner of E Olive Way and Denny is being taken up a notch. And, oh yeah, Dino’s is also now open.

While the glossy magazines — and your friendly neighborhood blogger — have been providing breathless updates on the opening of Dino’s Tomato Pie (sorry, foodie, happened Tuesday night but you can make your first visit tonight!), a veteran of the Capitol Hill pizza game is getting a fresh re-start across the street.

The windows have been papered up at Amante’s for a few weeks and they might be for a little bit more but the pizza joint isn’t going anywhere. New owner George Kozhuharov tells CHS he has been busy upgrading the building including patching a leaky roof and replacing the decade-old restaurant’s well-worn booths.

The work is part of a new spirit at the franchise restaurant. In November, CHS reported on Kozhuharov’s decision to shut off Amante’s notorious sign after being made aware of the long history of neighborhood complaints about the flashing menace.

Kozhuharov expects the refreshed Amante’s to reopen soon and get back to providing moderately priced pizza and supporting a bustling delivery business.

Meanwhile, with new neighbor Dino’s part of a wave of pizza openings across Capitol Hill — and even First Hill, Kozhuharov said he’s not worried.

“We’re going to do the same thing that has kept the doors open for nine years,” he tells CHS.

“We’ve been here for nine years and I think we’ll be here for another nine years.”

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8 thoughts on “As great Capitol Hill pizza rush of 2016 plays out, veteran Amante’s upgrades

  1. How is this place not out of business?

    I live one block away and have ever since it’s opened and never once have gone, and I don’t know anyone that has.

    Is it a front for something?

    I hope that huge ugly neon sign goes away too. It’s part of the reason I refuse to go.

  2. I live less than a block from Amante’s and we all swear it has to be a front. They usually have at least 3 drivers doing deliveries until late into the night, yet I never see anyone inside.

    It’s really a shame. They are in a good location, and yet their bar is always empty. If they ran some sort of bar/food Happy Hour special they would be able to capitalize on more business. Their food is OK, yet a bit pricey, but maybe that will change now that they have some competition across the street.

    • Are you saying that their drivers are involved in some kind of nefarious activity? Isn’t it alot more likely they are simply delivering pizza?

  3. I’ve been on the hill going on 6 years and before Mario’s opened I would swing into Amante’s and get a couple of slices, a soda and baklava (it’s good!). Their pizza is nothing special, but they are open late and the meat lover’s is actually pretty decent. Another draw is they have chicken parmesan, wings, etc. etc. and at least used to be open 24 hours so I could depend on that if it was late and I was lazy. Still confused how they stay in business or get people to work there, but they’ve been doing it for awhile.