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Capitol Hill’s year in pizza: Pizzeria Ottantotto now open on Broadway

The latest milestone in Capitol Hill’s year of pizza? Pizzeria 88 has opened on Broadway.

Call it Pizzeria Ottantotto. The wood-fired, Neapolitan pizza project from Magnolia restaurateur Karim Bonjrada took over the space where Corretto called it quits after an ownership rotation.

“You see a 12-inch pizza and think you can’t eat it all, but you can and more because it’s so light,” Bonjrada told us in January about his pies.

The basic Margherita runs $13, the ambitious lamb and mushroom Agnello, $18. Pizzas can be made gluten free — just add $4. There is also an antipasti menu and a surprisingly robust menu of small plates as well as desserts. Cocktails, beer, and wine? Of course.

Born and raised in Palermo, Bonjrada came to Seattle and Capitol Hill in the early ’90s. He’s been making pizzas and other Italian classics ever since, punching his neighborhood business passport along the way. Bonjrada opened Belltown’s La Vita E Bella in 1999, the now-closed DiVino in Ballard, and Queen Margherita and Mondello in Magnolia.

His new restaurant opened after a short overhaul and preparation of the wood-fired oven in the space.

Pizzeria 88 is open Sunday through Thursday, 5 to 10 PM and Friday-Saturday, 5 PM to 2 AM. You can learn more at

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3 thoughts on “Capitol Hill’s year in pizza: Pizzeria Ottantotto now open on Broadway

  1. I don’t get this trend at this place and the other pizza place announced here a couple days ago called Dino’s, where they do not allow olives on pizzas. Dino’s doesn’t even offer it as one of their toppings but I can get broccolini or with this place lamb as a topping. I’ll bet both places are closed within a year. Seattle has seen such better days before all the phony elitism moved here. And it is phony. I ask my new neighbors, posers as sophisticated urbanites, where they are from, Yakima and Modesto. Haha. These 20-somethings move here, do their whole hipster gig thang and of course have no way in hell of paying for the lifestyle and move away. It would be humorous if it was not so sad. These kids, many from other states, will never know what a great American city Seattle USED to be.

    • No chance Dino’s is closed in a year. Pizzeria 88 seems to have a legit menu and be doing a full italian menu. Woodfire is also a nice touch. I will try.

  2. I hate all this pizza bullcrap..a Margherita is ONLY $13, thats not the worst,, GF crust is ONLY $4 substitution. As someone who bakes only GF products, I laugh, there is no reason my that should be more than $2..I hope you fail and take the rest of these bougie ass restaurants with you.