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Man suffers life-threatening injuries after grabbing pressure washer from worker on Broadway

A man suffered life threatening injuries Friday morning on Broadway when he reportedly grabbed a pressure washer from a clean-up crew worker and was struck in the throat by its high-pressure blast.

Seattle Fire rushed to the scene at Broadway and Thomas just before 7 AM to find a male in his mid-20s with a two-inch wound to his neck and blood covering the sidewalk. Medics worked to stop the bleeding and rushed the man to Harborview.

According to Seattle Fire radio traffic, the victim appeared to be homeless and was reportedly agitated by the workers using the high pressure hose before grabbing the pressure washer and suffering the horrific injury. UPDATE: CHS has confirmed that the man had been sleeping in the doorway of a business on the west side of Broadway and had been awakened by the cleaning crew so they could wash the sidewalk.

Police were called to the scene to investigate. UPDATE: SPD tells us that several witnesses to the incident have confirmed the basic details of the incident reported by CHS. Police are documenting the incident. According to an SPD spokesperson, the victim was admitted to Harborview for treatment of his injuries.

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23 thoughts on “Man suffers life-threatening injuries after grabbing pressure washer from worker on Broadway

  1. Perhaps it was the terror of knowing what this world is about. Crazy because when you think about it, these are the days – it never rains but it pours. Alot of People on streets – people on streets.

    So where does that leave us?
    At some point you just turn away from it all like a blind man or sit on a fence, but it don’t work either. Makes me wonder if this is is our last dance?

  2. you know, I always read that those things can be dangerous, but I never really realized what they were capable of until I see here what happened to the fellow’s neck.

    • GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike! Yes, a strong Seattle entry in the 2016 Darwin Awards – and as Mama Gump always did say, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    • You only have to remove yourself from the gene pool to get a Darwin award. The guy who heard a noise in his bedroom, down past his feet, and shot in that direction (hence removing his testicles) is the case example of a LIVING Darwin Awardee.

  3. I said “Darwin Award Entry” or candidate. It’s like being a primary candidate for the general election – If you win the primary – in this case die – then you move to the Darwin Award Finals. Yes, granted there is a lot of competition out there for the most stupid and unnecessary death, as at least half the population have low I.Q.s and do stupid things that sometimes kill them, but I think our Seattle guy is running a strong primary campaign. Don’t you?

    • The guy is homeless, probably mentally unstable. He is awoken by a cleaning crew, as he sleeps on the floor on the street. This is this guys’ reality. You’re having a good old laugh at his life-threatening injuries. Maybe YOU are the problem?

    • I don’t think anyone is getting a laugh out of this tragic incident. It’s just our human nature to become desensitized to such things since life must go on for the rest of us.
      How else can we deal with the reality of the human condition?

  4. Paul said: “Maybe YOU are the problem?”

    I doubt it.

    I haven’t voted Democrat in my entire life and I did 20 years military service for God and Country that included service in two wars.

    No, it’s the people like you who enable the bums, criminals, Progressives, anarchists, BLM, illegal aliens and the Islamic terrorists who are the problem.

  5. I’m really worried about the state of Broadway right now. I live right off it and have seen a number of public freak outs lately, much more than normal (I’ve lived on the hill for 20 years). I wake up to psychotic screaming fairly regularly. We recently had a blacked out kid in our driveway that the police checked on and then just left there puking in the bushes. I worry that these guys are becoming a real danger to themselves and possibly to others, and that not much is being done about it.

  6. For once, I’m not advocating looking at the big picture. Can’t we just have some freakin’ compassion that something bad happened? Multiple people had a traumatic start to their day, period.

  7. I was in my car friday morning on my way to work when I saw this happen. At first I only noticed the two guys with the pressure washer, but soon the homeless kid got very angry and attacked the two workers, I was in the car so I didn’t hear what they were saying, but it was obvious that he was very belligerent. The two workers tried defending himself by spraying the kid, but he wouldn’t have it and grabbed the washer gun from one of them. The other one ran away (probably to call the police), while the 2nd worker and the homeless kid were fighting for the power washer. I feel for the workers, they were trying to do their job, they might have sprayed him by mistake, but the reaction was not what I would have expected from a harmless homeless person. Broadway is out of control. The guy might have been mentally unstable, that’s not an excuse to attack someone trying to do their job. I see the guys at QFC on broadway early in the morning dealing with all kinds of people who sleep on the street, and it’s not safe for them. You never know what triggers their anger or paranoia…

    • Well, you shouldn’t assume that anyone is “harmless,” especially someone who is mentally unstable. You just might get yourself stabbed in the neck or hatcheted as a reward for your goodwill.

    • Their job doesn’t include spraying homeless people so they can get at the tiny patch of cement they’re sleeping on. There’s a lot of street on Broadway. Why couldn’t they just go around him and leave him alone? We all know that we’ve decided as a society to dump our mental institutions in to the streets. Now we’re paying city workers to sanitize a filthy street by engaging in behavior that nearly killed a homeless man? Reminds me of when the county employee mowing the tall grass on goat hill mowed right over a sleeping homeless person. Are we employing workers or robots? And shame on you folks laughing about this. It’s a shameful way to treat out most helpless.