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Authentic Belgian waffle shop Sweet Iron is coming to Pike/Pine


Born downtown, Sweet Iron is expanding to Capitol Hill. (Images: Sweet Iron)

Deciding what to eat on the backside of Pike/Pine is about to get even tougher this summer. Downtown’s authentic Belgian waffle shop Sweet Iron is expanding to 10th and E Union.

Unlike the syrup-drenched American version, real-deal Liege waffles are quite the versatile food, appropriate for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, or dessert. And especially appropriate when paired with beer. “It just depends on what time of day it is and what kind of toppings you have,” said owner Adrienne Jeffrey.

The waffle shop is set to open in the massive Broadstone Infinity development on a block of E Union between 10th and 11th sometime this summer, Jeffrey said. The shop will be squeezed between Renee Erickson’s impressive triumvirate of Melusine, Bateau, and General Porpoise and Soi, which opened as the 19th and easily the most ambitious Thai restaurant in Central Seattle.

Sweet Iron’s freshly made plain waffles can be adorned with any number of toppings, like fresh berry compote with whipped cream, or brie, bacon, and basil. Sweet Iron Capitol Hill will have a waffle menu similar to its downtown location, with the addition of beer, wine, and even a mimosa bar.

Opened in 2009 at 3rd and Seneca, Sweet Iron’s was a business decades in the making. Jeffrey said she first had the idea to open a waffle shop after returning to the U.S. from Belgium and discovering authentic Liege waffles were nowhere to be found. Years later, after her daughter graduated college, the two decided fill the void.

Jeffrey said as the business outgrew its downtown location she began looking for places to expand. “Capitol Hill seemed like a natural for us,” she said. “Younger people love (waffles), so do families.”

Jeffrey said the shop will include patio seating and more space for tables than the downtown shop. Sweet Iron will also offer a few non-waffle snacks, including homemade chia seed pudding.

Sweet Iron also expanded to SafeCo Field this year with a stand open during Mariners games.

Meanwhile, Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes and Kari Brunson of Juicebox Cafe say they are continuing to move forward with their plans to open a “plant-based” ice cream shop in the Broadstone building.

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7 thoughts on “Authentic Belgian waffle shop Sweet Iron is coming to Pike/Pine

  1. This looks great – but wasn’t there also a vegan ice cream shop slated to go in between Soi and General Porpoise? Maybe it’s on one of the storefronts on 10th?

  2. This sounds great – but who on earth let Broadstone put a fluorescent-lit, grey-carpeted prescription pickup office on the other side of Renee’s restaurants on 11th Avenue? Aren’t there actually rules against that in a pedestrian zone?

    • Are you saying the brightness level is something that there are possibly rules against? Like the Amante pizza light board that was dimmed due to complaints?

      If so, then file a complaint with the city and see what happens, but only after you’re clear on the rules. Because you can’t possibly be saying a pharmacy cannot be placed there, to, like spoil your view while it dispenses medicine.

  3. You know what Capitol Hill needs? A Waffle House! No, I’m not kidding. But it’s all good. I’ll check this place out. I love me a good waffle.