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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill buskers | Spyro the Pyro

  1. Ugh, he needs to use a safer fuel. He’s risking pretty nasty burns, and performing without a safety person to do audience control & to help him if gets burned is just stupid. Don’t be like him, kids!!

  2. Hi I am a member of SFAA. Seattle fire arts alliance. I am writing hoping you will take this down. While he seems to be doing ok here, his fuels and breathing practices are incredibly dangerous and is the same fuel that the two people in Florida used that were badly burned. We don’t want this here in Seattle also the current fire code does not allow fire breathing in the city of Seattle and avoiding attention like this while we work with the city would be greatly appreciated. I will also say if you have his contact info we would like to get in touch with him to give him some better education in fuels and safety. My contact info is above please let me know if you have questions.

    Thank you for your time.