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The Nevertold Casket Company back from the dead on lucky 13th Ave

(Images: Nevertold Casket Company)

(Images: Nevertold Casket Company)

Jack and Tiffany Bennett are back in business. Naturally, they are in the market for your haunted goods. Especially if a poltergeist comes attached.

“Last week we bought a haunted carousel horse,” Tiffany tells CHS. “That’s the kind of thing we love.”

“Anything that had a poltergeist attached to it. I want a poltergeist in my house,” Jack adds.

Poltergeists and all, Nevertold Casket Company has risen in a new location not that far from its old haunts on E Republican.

The best thing about the new shop just off E Jefferson? Having streetfront windows allows the shopkeeps to enjoy watching passersby get spooked by haunted Easter ducklings and other items macabre.

“We’ve been really surprised,” Jack said about the new Nevertold home. “Having storefront windows in a business like we’re in is a blessing and a curse. You start to worry about the neighbors.”

CHS first introduced you to Nevertold — The Nevertold Casket Company might just be the strangest shop on E Republican — back in September of 2014. The store full of items haunted, items occult, and items just plain weird gained a steady stream of business. And Jack’s special skills at creating custom caskets also helped fill a special hole in the market. But an especially frightening fate awaited thanks to the spooks at City Hall. A “zoning discrepancy” forced the E Republican odditorium’s closure and put Jack and Tiffany on the search for a new home.

The new space is the former location of clothier Built for Man which has focused its business online. Following last weekend’s opening party, the new shop is now open Thursdays through Sundays, noon to 8 PM. The rest of the week, Tiffany and Jack spend hunting down unusual and exotic items to add to the store’s supernatural inventory.

“I’m so happy, that in this day and age, that people are just getting curious about stuff that isn’t on the Internet,” Jack said.

Trends in this corner of the retail universe have swung toward the occult, Jack says. More witches than wacky taxidermy. More magic, less kitsch. “But lately, a lot of surgical equipment has come my way…” he says.

There is also the custom casket business to keep Jack from becoming a dull boy. “I am building one for a friend that is terminal,” Jack tells us. “I try to make it part of life.” He says he has also built one for himself — but it’s being used as a coffee table now.

Nevertold Casket Company is open at 509 13th Ave, Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 8 PM. You can learn more at

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14 thoughts on “The Nevertold Casket Company back from the dead on lucky 13th Ave

  1. Since poltergeists are not real, I’m assuming I can sell them anything and say it has poltergeists attached. I’m betting it has to fit the standard look of what they would consider to be haunted items though, which will be based on their age and what movies they watched as children.

      • Judgements? Smarter? I am not smarter than anyone. I assume nobody actually believes their are poltergeists and that they inhabit objects. If you actually do, I’m surprised. That’s all.

    • Weeooo weeoo weeoo!

      What’s all this then? I’ve heard reports of people having FUN and I’m here to SHUT IT DOWN.

      What’s that? John G already took care of it? Well, carry on then, citizens.

    • Can’t we just respond positively to the fact that this fun little shop found a new home and has re-opened for business? Must there always be some pointless, snarky comment? If you don’t believe in poltergeists or ghosts or whatever then don’t shop there. If you’re so miserable and bitter that you have only shade to share then please STFU.

    • I didn’t know people believed in poltergeists, so I didn’t know I was confronting people and making them so incredibly defensive. I’m sorry everybody. I didn’t know my making a simple statement of fact would upset your worldview so much. go back to having fun. I was just trying to figure out what the angle was on an obviously fraudulent organization. If you want to believe in nonsense, I don’t care. Go spend your money on haunted objects. But you should consider that if one comment can so easily shake your worldview and ruin your fun, perhaps it’s not as deeply held as you think

    • If you didn’t know that some people believe in poltergeists then you clearly have a pathetically narrow world-view. You weren’t making a simple statement of fact, you were behaving like yet another sad online commenter who has nothing better to do than interject bitchy asides. To call Nevertold a “fraudulent organization” proves as much. Do they slap “guaranteed haunted item” stickers on their merchandise. Um, no. So no fraud here! I don’t need your permission to believe or purchase anything. Your comment didn’t garner defensiveness but rather exasperation that even on a sweet little story like this you couldn’t help but offer your sad, paltry two cents. And don’t worry, your comment neither shook my world-view nor ruined my fun. But please, continue to enjoy the lonely little bubble that is your life.

    • Once again, Mr. John G., your continued “bringing of the realness” is greatly appreciated. In fact, you’re kind of a hero for wading into this thread and calling everyone that likes this store childish. Also, your ability to read the seriousness of people’s beliefs through message board postings is, frankly, astonishing, as is your ability to put yourself into the discussion. Well done, good sir!

      Personally, I have no belief in poltergeists but used to love that this store exists because it’s reminiscent of an older, slightly weirder Seattle. Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.

      Back to my job of typing out descriptions for listings. Whimsy is the enemy of pure commerce.

  2. glad to see these guys back in action. I still can’t believe someone ratted them out at their old place in the Capitola.

  3. I love this place. And the new location is really great. Bonus, across the street from the new Seven Beef and around the corner from the new Taste of the Caribbean…

  4. The new store looks fantastic. So happy to see a cool business open that is unique and fun. Great people and great items!