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Woman dies in fall onto I-5

A woman died Tuesday morning after a fall onto I-5 below the Madison overpass.

A Washington State Patrol spokesperson said that two of the freeway’s northbound lanes were closed for a death investigation Tuesday morning. Around 8:15 AM, Seattle Police responded to a report that a woman had fallen or jumped from the overpass. A driver witnessed the incident and a purse was found on the sidewalk above the scene, according to police radio dispatches.

Seattle Fire responded to the scene which also involved a motor vehicle collision. There were no other significant injuries reported in the crash.

Traffic backed up for miles during the response and investigation.

UPDATE 11:30 AM: In another 911 incident Tuesday morning, a male motorcycle rider was injured in a collision as he crashed headed downhill on E Olive Way and Bellevue in front of City Market. Police were investigating the just before 11 AM incident to determine how the rider lost control and ended up slamming into a delivery truck in front of the grocery. The male rider was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries but was reported alert and conscious after the crash.

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9 thoughts on “Woman dies in fall onto I-5

  1. My thoughts go out to the poor driver of the car that was involuntarily involved in this woman’s sad decision. I can only imagine how traumatizing that would be.

  2. Jseattle, in the past when there are deaths that could possibly be a suicide, you’ve posted the number for the National Suicide Prevention hotline, 1-800-273-TALK .

    I’ve always appreciated you doing this, I’m not sure if this was an oversight or not, but I just want to make certain that even with the paucity of mental health services we have in this country, please believe as a neighborhood we do value your life and want to see all are safe.

  3. New national stats show a very steep rise in suicide for women 40 – 69 . Still true that more men that women take their own lives, In the examples below, middle aged women reach a breaking point and decide to end their lives in public.

    As macabre as it is, here is some local news I happen to recall that reflects the older female (public) suicide phenom.

    Cynthia Ann Doyon, 48, KUOW Radio Host, shot herself on a summer evening at the end of a (remote?) dock. Found the next day. RIP.
    Cheryl Peterson DeBoer, 54, chemist, Fred Hutchison HIV/AIDS researcher, “missing”, found laying by a stream, asphyxiated with plastic bag. RIP.
    Renate Lynn Hanson, 53, Lacey area business and generous community leader “missing”, found in the woods with self inflicted gun shot to the heart. RIP.
    Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz, 45. Multilingual author/teacher, human services commissioner, “missing”, note later found, she’d jumped from Bainbridge Ferry. RIP.

    What is the message of these women?
    They are sending clues, and cues we could learn from.
    Do you folks know any more examples?
    Am I ignoring the news that shows local, middle aged, accomplished males doing the same?

    I salute their lives and am sorry for their pain, and the pain that endures.

    Thank you.

    • Hello! I’m apparently a week behind on chs posts, but I wanted to share the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s guidelines for journalists. Although you’re just commenting on a story, the way we talk about suicide does matter. Listing examples or sensationalizing death by suicide is not the best way to talk about this particular public health issue, and I hope you’ll reconsider your response after reading these guidelines:

      With that said, I think CHS does a wonderful job reporting in a responsible and sensitive way. Thank you for that.