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#ExposeRape at V2 with artists behind Capitol Hill anti-rape poster campaign

Activists and artists behind an anti-rape poster campaign are following up on their efforts with a community gathering and art project on Capitol Hill.

The ExposeRape group is inviting the public to help create a giant display of public art while deconstructing rape culture at the V2 art space Thursday night. Creators of the #ExposeRape PSA posters seen around Capitol Hill will be at the 11th Ave space. A march through Pike/Pine is also planned.

With direct messaging like “know means know” and “don’t rape,” organizers of the campaign say they are seeking to expand the discussion of sexual assault in the city.

Our mission is to expose and broaden the way that rape is viewed and defined, bust rape myths and create consent culture through public art. We are not compromising in our message and we don’t have to divide rape by the communities it affects. By highlighting a diverse group of artists in this project we aim to represent a wide range of experiences, all with powerful messages in combating rape culture.


(Image: ExposeRape)

CHS recently wrote about Capitol Hill artist Eliza Gauger and her use of public art as form of psychic weaponry with her Hex of Obsolescence to protect trans kids. She is now fundraising to gather her Problem Glyphs into book form. The projects also harken back to the anti-gaybashing work of John Criscitello on the streets of Capitol Hill and the #CapHillPSA poster campaign.

Located in the former home of Value Village, V2 was established as a temporary art space while developers Legacy Commercial work out a way to develop the landmarks-protected building.

Thursday’s event will feature work from 13 artists, including regular CHS photographer Alex Garland.

PUSPUS, Eric Jolson Rhea Vega, Kaya Axelsson, Shogo Ota, Alex Garland, Oscar Arreguin Mendez, Ken McCarty, Crybaby Studios, CamCreature & Ms. 3, Amy Huber, Jazz Brown, Yoona Lee, I Want You Studio (Christian Petersen)

The #ExposeRape event starts June 2nd at 7 PM at V2, 1525 11th Ave. Visit ExposeRape’s website for more information. 

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