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Capitol Hill middle school on schedule for fall 2017 completion


UPDATE: A SPS spokesperson has clarified Gonzales’ presentation and tells CHS that Madrona Elementary was mistakenly left off the feeder list. Madrona students will, indeed, be part of the Meany system.

Progress is being made on the renovations to Meany Middle School, which is still on schedule to open for Capitol Hill students in the fall of 2017.

A small group of community members gathered in Meany’s cafeteria on Tuesday to hear about the next phase of the renovation from project manager Vince Gonzales and members of the architecture and construction teams. The $17.6 million renovation is expected to be at 95% completion by next June.

Chanda Oatis of Van Asselt Elementary has been selected to be the principal of the new Meany Middle School. At the last community meeting, determining the school’s curriculum was a large area of interest for parents — Gonzales said Oatis will begin those discussions once she finishes up her time at Van Asselt.

Diagram of planned renovations

Diagram of planned renovations

A major discussion point with the small group of neighbors at Tuesday’s meeting was the extent to which construction would disrupt their daily lives.

Residents were concerned about parking, dust, how many workers would be on-site at once, the length of the workday, and how much weekend work there would be. The construction team said they would look into reducing the amount of street parking needed for their teams, that the number of people on-site at any given time would be relatively low, and that the workday would be from 7AM-3:30PM with no current plans for weekend work.

The outstanding question from the last community meeting of which elementary schools would feed Meany has been tentatively resolved. The current proposed feeder schools are John Muir Elementary, Leschi Elementary, Lowell Elementary, McGilvra Elementary, Montlake Elementary, Stevens Elementary, and TOPS K-8. This list does not include Madrona which was still in the running as a possible feeder school at the last meeting.

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10 thoughts on “Capitol Hill middle school on schedule for fall 2017 completion

    • She came to a PTA meeting at Montlake School and she seems really awesome. Sorry that you had a bad interaction with her. I have heard a lot of great things about her.

    • Meany has been a middle school for many decades, no? Or did it stop being a middle school some time in the last 10 years?

  1. I can only imagine what a meeting about curriculum decisions is like with parents around here. It won’t be a school, it will be a social justice crusade.

  2. Surprised to hear about Madrona not being on the feeder list. Seattle Schools currently lists Madrona as falling within Meany’s 2017 boundaries.

  3. There is something wrong with our values when we spend less on the renovation of a much needed school than the city wants to spend on the garage alone (20 million) for the 165 million dollar north precinct.