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CHS Pics | Seniors’ Senior Prom on First Hill

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

NatalieStrauss(stripes)andLauraRousso(flowers)discussTexasHoldemStrategyCHS has reported before on the value of diverse neighbors and the importance of people finding a way to stay part of Central Seattle as they age. Last weekend, some of First Hill’s senior members got together for a party and CHS was invited to stop by to see the fun — and hear a good joke or three.

Sunday’s second annual Seniors’ Senior Prom at The Summit at First Hill retirement community had a casino night theme. Like any good prom, it had some fancy outfits and people having fun looking their best. Like any good casino, there was also a comedienne.

Rose Liberman was at the prom and enjoying herself. The great grandmother and Holocaust survivor was born in Poland, spent time in the ghettos, and spent more than two years in a concentration camp. Rose was accompanied by her grandkids Neil and Sarah while kids from Capitol Hill’s Temple De Hirsch Sinai were also on hand to help out on the night. “Kids keep me young,” Liberman said, just warming up. Her advice on life? “Life is hard.”

She had a few more gems:

“A car hit an elderly Jewish man and the paramedic asked, ‘Are you comfortable?” and the man says ‘I make a good living’.”

That was pretty good.

“A man put an ad in the classifieds saying “Wife wanted”. The next day he got 100 letters saying, ‘you can have mine’.”

We liked that one, too.

“This woman goes to the Rabbi and says ‘Rabbi I’m in love with two men, Abe and Schlomo, who will be the lucky one?’”

And the punchline?

“The Rabbi says ‘you will marry Abe and Schlomo will be the lucky one’.”

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