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On the List | Woven art using human looms in Cal Anderson, Lusio light art in Volunteer Park


Get your weave on at Bonds. (Image: Mandy Greer via Instagram)

Yarn bombings have struck trees in Cal Anderson Park before, but human targets may be a first.

Fallow Collective, an art group organized by a trio of Seattle artists, is holding its inaugural performance of Bonds in the park Thursday evening. The project is not so much performed by the Fallow Collective artists, but on them. Any and all are invited to help “create weavings” on the bodies of artists from 5-8 PM in an undertaking with a”no-goal, no-skill, no-judgement framework.”

It’s a weekend of interesting art in the park around Capitol Hill. Saturday night brings the premier of the Lusio light art festival to Volunteer Park.

First ever Lusio light art festival ready to switch on Saturday in Volunteer Park

Thursday evening’s Bonds will also feature a picnic that includes homemade bread and “experimental desserts.” And for those knowledgeable about such things, one Fallow Collective artist will be setting Pokémon lures. Bonds will take place somewhere in the northeast corner of the park. All manner of ages and blankets are welcome.

Fallow Collective is a group that seeks a “shift where the maternal is not hidden behind an artist identity,” says member Many Greer on her website. Bonds is part of an ongoing series of “family-in-residence” projects that seeks to dismantle the boundaries of art making, leisure, and family.

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