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People on the Street | 10th Ave poet Anthony Hickerson

ah2To make ends meet, Anthony Hickerson freestyles poetry for passersby on a subject of their choosing. Hickerson can usually be found these days in front of the Elliott Bay Book Company reciting poems on a subject (or book title) of his audience’s choice. He first started writing a poetry as a way to process his emotions, and 12 years ago he said he discovered he had a gift for freestyling as well. Hickerson also found that freestyling on the street was more lucrative than selling his written works. He has been doing it off and on ever since.

People on the Street is a semi-regular feature on the interesting citizens we find out and about on Capitol Hill. This is the final episode — thanks so much, Mariah, for your great work during your CHS summer internship!

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Jeff Busby
4 years ago

Easily my favorite addition to the CHS. Thanks for doing this.