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Tigerly Ox opens on edge of Capitol Hill and Central District

Wallingford-born Vietnamese eatery Tigerly Ox has opened up a restaurant on the border between Capitol Hill and the Central District, at 22nd and E Madison. Owners John Tran and his wife Jodie chose a location on the edge of Capitol Hill because they believe there is already an overabundance of restaurants in the center of the neighborhood. The E Madison location may be just the first wave of expansion for the eatery.

Tran said his aim with the E Madison Tigerly Ox is to serve people for whom getting to the Pike/Pine corridor of restaurants might be a hassle. “We feel as though we can better serve those on the outskirts,” said Tran. Tran said he was attracted to a location in between Capitol Hill and the Central District because he felt the area could use more restaurants and he feels there is an “oversaturation of restaurants” in the central Pike/Pine business district of Capitol Hill.

Tigerly Ox was under construction earlier this summer, and opened its doors in early July. The E Madison restaurant seats 16-20 people. It was formerly home to a franchise outlet of the national Subway sandwich chain.

The menu at the E Madison location is the same as the Wallingford Tigerly Ox, serving banh mi sandwiches for around $7 or $8. There is one exception: Tran said the E Madison location will eventually serve beer and wine, which is not offered at Wallingford. Tran is talking with local distributors and plans to roll out the beer and wine selection in the coming weeks.

Tigerly Ox is part of two notable openings along E Madison to end July. We reported on the debut of Manu’s Bodegita up the Hill earlier this week.

First look: Manu’s Bodegita brings sandwiches, ceviche, and breakfast tacos to E Madison

The E Madison Tigerly Ox may just be the start of expansion for Tran. He hopes to open Tigerly Ox locations in neighborhoods across Seattle

The E Madison restaurant will have a grand opening in the next few weeks. To learn more, visit

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6 thoughts on “Tigerly Ox opens on edge of Capitol Hill and Central District” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. I live two blocks from Tigerly Ox in Wallingford and can attest to it being awesome. Great to see it making it over to the Hill/CD (my old digs). Go Tran, Go! :)

  2. I will def try but its going to have to go hard af to get me to willingly pay $8 for a bahn mi going forward

  3. I tried this and was disappointed. The food wasn’t terrible, but it was really bland. I had the Tofu Xa Lach and it was just a piece of tofu on salad greens. I think some of the ingredients may have been left out; there were no pickled carrots or onions or jalapeno peppers. It also didn’t include the basil or mint. The salad greens were fresh, so it was edible but not worth the money. It was takeout, so I couldn’t ask for the missing ingredients.

  4. SO GOOD!!! I live just 2 blocks away so I’ve been waiting for it to open. My boyfriend and I have been there 2 times since they opened last week (I think).
    Vietnamese Chipotle at its finest! Menu is simple, pick your base, then your protein, everything else is included. I think we are so used to sad cheap Vietnamese sandwiches in ID for too long, we kinda forget what a good hearty one tastes like. Hands down one of the best pork and steak Vietnamese sandwiches I’ve ever had.
    And I think their good Yelp ratings on both locations can attest that.
    Awesome spot for quick, reasonable and healthy meal!

  5. great spot, really glad it’s in the neighborhood. to citycat who ordered a salad, it usually has lots of ingredients so your order must’ve gotten messed up, unfortunately. that’s all i get there and it’s always delicious and BIG.