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Capitol Hill’s Redwood bar still stands

Eventually Capitol Hill’s Redwood may be branching out to a new location outside of Seattle, but for now it is still standing at its home of more than 10 years at Howell and Belmont.

Bar owners Lisa and Mat Brooke, a former member of the rock band Band of Horses, signed another six-month lease in May as plans to demolish the building and construct apartments continue to be delayed.

“As awful as it all is … I’m glad they’re actually working with us,” Lisa said about the developers who are keeping them updated.

She said that their landlord is also keeping the rent low and letting them do incremental leases. Lisa is hoping they’ll get another six-month lease in October to stay open through May 2017.

Robin, Redwood Bar, Capitol Hill - Seattle, WA

Redwood Tavern

Celebratory bourbon cocktail at Redwood Tavern

The dive bar last signed a long-term lease in 2012, since then it has been six months by six months. Lisa said their lease also requires that they are given a month’s notice before they have to get out.

“We really want to stay here until the wrecking ball comes,” Lisa said.

After that, they are considering reopening the Redwood in Port Angeles, where Mat and Lisa commute from. The couple moved there in 2014 thinking the bar would have to close soon.

“Mat calls it the bar that cried wolf,” Lisa said.

Lisa, who last spoke with CHS in November 2015, said they still plan to stay open also long as they can and plan to give all their patrons notice when they will be closing the doors. The Redwood plans to go out with a big party.

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With all the short term leases and the impending closure, many people think the Redwood has already been demolished, Lisa said.

Not having a landline at the bar — the phone company wanted a three-year contract — and Facebook closing the bar’s original page have only added to the confusion.

“People come in all the time saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re still open,’” Lisa said.

But for those who are still coming to the bar, Lisa said the staff and patrons are getting closer and tighter as the close draws near.

You can find the Redwood at 514 E Howell. Lear more at the Redwood’s “new” Facebook page,

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  1. This is one of those bars where I have never actually gone there but whenever I see it standing I’m still surprised that it even exists. It just feels so out-of-place now…