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Serious injuries reported after driver hits woman at 14th/Pine

A 28-year-old woman was taken to Harborview Thursday morning after being struck by a driver at the intersection of 14th and Pine.

A Seattle Fire spokesperson said the woman was in serious but stable condition after the 8:30 AM collision only one block from Fire Station 25.

Seattle Police is investigating the incident.

According to a Seattle Times analysis of Seattle Department of Transportation data from 2007 to mid-2014, the 14th Ave crossing isn’t the most dangerous intersection along E Pine. That dubious distinction belongs to two crossings farther down the Hill at Boylston and Bellevue, according to the dataset. You can view the full map below.

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9 thoughts on “Serious injuries reported after driver hits woman at 14th/Pine

  1. It’s scary being a pedestrian in this city. I’ve had myriad close calls.

    Drivers — please be aware that you should:
    a) look both ways when entering the road from a garage or taking a left or right turn onto a different road.
    b) be mindful that in a 4-lane road, if a car is stopped on the right, it might be because a pedestrian is crossing — you don’t want to hit him or her because you didn’t also stop.
    c) not run the red light — it won’t have saved you time if you end up hitting somebody
    and finally….
    d) get off your darn phone!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s a brave new world out there –
      a) look both ways when crossing the street
      b) don’t expect drivers to stop for you – some of the people moving here have never seen people walking, let alone know to stop for them
      c) soon the days will be shorter and (hopefully) the rains will come – don’t wear all black at night and expect to be seen
      d) get off your darn phone!!!!!

    • Jeff – While I don’t *trust* that drivers will actually stop for me when crossing the street I have every right to *expect* that they will because it’s the law here in Washington…. Ignorance is no excuse and people who don’t know or understand the traffic laws shouldn’t be licensed to drive… (and yeah, I think people who move here should have to pass at least the written test before they can get their WA license because not all states are exactly the same)

    • Dude
      a) this has nothing to do with cyclists
      b) cyclists and pedestrians very rarely tangle (there’s around 1 fatal accident involving a cyclist and a pedestrian every 10 years or so, it’s so few that statistics aren’t even kept… while around 5000 pedestrians are killed by automobile drivers in the US each year)
      c) the blanket statement is simply untrue. I’m a cyclist and I don’t blow through stop signs, so you can in fact expect me to stop for you.

    • I drive this intersection often and I observe drivers looking around to see who is next to go through the intersection and not looking for people approaching it. This is based on the number of drivers i’ve seen drive through the intersection to then realize that a pedestrian was attempting to cross so the driver is now stopped in the intersection.

      Drivers here seem do to a poor job of scanning their surroundings and anticipating what others will do. If a pedestrian is walking towards and intersection, they most likely intended to cross it!!

      However we don’t know the details of what happened here. 8:30 am, the driver could have been blinded by sun and not seen the pedestrian, similarly the pedestrian may not have seen the vehicle. Bottom line everyone should take time to be situationally aware.

    • People run this stop all the time, not sure why. All the stop signs and crosswalks are highly visible, but I live near here and have seen it happen a lot. I actually walk this way in the mornings and must have missed this by 15 minutes or so. Scary. Hope she’s ok.

    • I was driving through this intersection the other day and a car blasted right through the stop sign going downhill. People are driving distracted and walking distracted more than ever it seems.