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Film festival explores Capitol Hill’s ‘rapid development and change’ in two minutes or less

A quick search through Craigslist will tell you how artists are getting priced out of Capitol Hill. Not so easily quantifiable is what effect that is having on artists and the neighborhood as a whole. A series of 2-minute dance films is seeking to shed some light on the subject.

Dance Film Challenge is a film festival on Capitol Hill about Capitol Hill sponsored by Capitol Hill arts institutions. The challenge: Teams submit two-minute dance films “reflecting the Capitol Hill neighborhood and the crossroads that Capitol Hill artists, communities and residents are facing in this period of rapid development and change.” Winners selected by the audience will be given a one month residency at the V2 temporary art space on 11th Ave. Ten submissions will be screened Thursday at Northwest Film Forum.

The competition is part of the V2 Dance + Film Residency, a partnership between Velocity Dance Center and Local Sightings 2016, Northwest Film Forum’s annual local film festival. V2 was opened as a temporary arts space on 11th Ave after the Value Village left late last year.

If a dance exploration of Capitol Hill is not your thing, Local Sightings is also hosting a more straight forward short film series inspired the neighborhood. Citizens Minute Showcase will feature one minute films that capture a changing Seattle. Both series are showing Thursday at Northwest Film Forum.

Here are the Dance Film Challenge submissions:

After Dinner Demolition // Christin Call

Caja de Freak // Jessica Chung

Ephemerality // Stephen DeVore

Shared Space // Champ Ensminger + Sarah Hoagland

I made you. I loved you. I destroyed you. (excerpt) // Steph Kesey + Matt Drews

Road Closed // Allexa Laycock

The View // Mother Tongue: kt Shores + Angelina Baldoz

10TH AND PIKE // Syniva Whitney + Will Courtney

the lamb2 // Marlys Yvonne

SEMAPHORE: Cal Anderson Improv // June Zandona + Daniel Costa

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