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Blotter | Pike/Pine robbery search, package theft video, policing survey

A scene from security video captured during a recent Capitol Hill package theft

A scene from security video captured during a recent Capitol Hill package theft

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  • Robbery suspect search: Seattle Police fanned out across Pike/Pine below Broadway after a woman reported being robbed by two men Wednesday afternoon. Seattle Fire was called to the scene in the 300 block of 10th Ave E around 1:30 PM to treat a female injured in the incident. Police were looking for two suspects that were reported to have been seen fleeing the area but it wasn’t clear if the search was on the right track after a vehicle found on Broadway believed to have been involved in the crime turned out to be unrelated. Police were also called to a location near where the robbery was reported on 10th Ave E to collect what was described as a large bag of marijuana dropped at the scene.
  • Package theft: A building manager at the Braeburn Condominiums sent CHS this video taken during a recent package theft at the 15th and Pine building. If you can help identify the people caught on video in the October 14th incident (below), call 911.
  • Belmont crisis call: A woman suffering a mental health crisis sparked a drawn out police response early Tuesday morning after claiming a man with a gun had shot a family member and was inside her Belmont Ave apartment. Police and Seattle Fire rushed to the scene of the 2:20 AM incident in the 1700 block of Belmont but had difficulty finding the woman who remained on the line with 911. With the help of neighbors, police eventually made their way to a basement apartment unit inside a small boarding house on the street where they found the woman unharmed. She was taken into custody. A spokesperson tells us she was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation and not arrested.
  • Policing survey: The annual survey used by the Seattle Police Department to shape its community policing plans is now open at through November 15th. “A report on the survey results will be provided to the Seattle Police Department to assist them with making your neighborhood safer and more secure,” an announcement from the Seattle U program that administers the survey process reads. SPD has faced criticism for its reliance on closed social network systems and online surveys to shape some of its so-called “micro-policing” plans.
  • Brent McDonald murder trial conviction: The trial in the murder of Central District teach Brent McDonald has ended with a guilty verdict:
    A King County jury on Thursday found a 55-year-old Seattle man guilty of second-degree murder for gunning down a popular Seattle art teacher on a Belltown sidewalk in December. Richard Roundtree, who also goes by the name Richard Whitaker, had claimed his victim, Brent McDonald, was acting aggressively and so Roundtree shot him to protect himself and his girlfriend, the jury was told during opening statements Oct. 4. Jurors clearly didn’t buy it, also finding Roundtree guilty of first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.
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