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With big winds expected Saturday, wet Friday knocks down trees, knocks out power around Hill, in CD

This is just the calm before the storm. City of Seattle work crews, Seattle Police, and Seattle Fire have a busy Friday ahead as a series of three storms slams into Western Washington with predictions of a significant windstorm to finish it all off Saturday night.

Friday around 11:30 AM, power went out around 23rd and Union after a series of explosions and transformer fire near 21st and Marion. Seattle Fire responded to a report of a utility pole on fire and down wires sparking at the scene.

Friday morning's outage

Friday morning’s outage

Earlier, overnight soaking rains and wind guys to 30 MPH knocked down branches and damaged trees across Capitol Hill but there were few significant incidents and no widespread power outages. One old tree near the new patio of Ernest Loves Agnes toppled onto E Mercer just off 19th Ave E and blocked traffic until crews removed it Friday morning.

Power was reported out for more than 3,000 customers across the Central District with nearly 20,000 out across Seattle at one point just before noon. UPDATE: A big portion of the outage was taken care of by early afternoon, according to City Light.

Seattle Central was evacuated at one point after fire alarms were triggered by a surge during the electrical issues in the area. The Garfield Community Center was also closed due to power loss at one point in the day.

National Weather Service forecasts call for the drenching to continue and winds to peak above 30 MPH Saturday night. Officials are recommend people put together simple “survival packs” including food and water in the event of widespread damage. It is also recommended that you avoid areas with large trees during the worst of the storm including driving through tree-lined areas.

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2 thoughts on “With big winds expected Saturday, wet Friday knocks down trees, knocks out power around Hill, in CD

  1. I was informed by a local business that the TREE next to Ernest Loves Agnes was HIT by a DELIVERY truck a few days back, which originally set it off kilter. However, since nothing was done after that incident, the storm did the rest :( very sad :(

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