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Capitol Hill Pets | Dexter at Vita

Jessie McGee was having his coffee outside Caffe Vita with his little friend Dexter, a rat terrier/min pin mix, when we stopped to say hello. Dexter is not only an excellent friend, but he is also a service animal. Jessie told us, as he dug around in his wallet, “He’s the only dog that I know of that has ID.” Indeed, Dexter does have an ID, laminated and everything.

We ask photographer Alex Garland to follow marchers in the rain and do crazy things like trying to make yet another picture of yet another huge apartment building look interesting. We thought we’d ask him to do something a little more fun. Capitol Hill Pets is a semi-regular look at our furry, fuzzy, feathered, and finned friends found out and about on Capitol Hill. Are you a Capitol Hill Pet we should know about? Drop us a line. We also have amassed an excellent roster of submissions we’ll pull together soon for a special edition of Capitol Hill Pets. Thanks for all the mail!

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3 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Pets | Dexter at Vita

  1. “Dexter is not only an excellent friend, but he is also a service animal”

    Dexter is a pet dog whose owner has obtained a “certificate” from an on-line company that anyone can obtain by paying $69.

  2. Yup.

    How can you tell a REAL service dog if ID cards and certificates are actually meaningless? The US Department of Justice permits businesses to ask two questions:
    1. Is this a service dog required because of disability?
    2. What is it trained to do to mitigate the disability?

    Remember that “[a]nimals whose sole function is to provide emotional support, comfort, therapy, companionship, therapeutic benefits, or to promote emotional well-being are not service animals…” so a service animal must be specifically trained to DO something.

    • Agree. And it would be nice if businesses actually asked those two questions. Most of the time, they turn a blind eye….are you listening, Broadway Market QFC?