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Capitol Hill shooting now a murder investigation as 13th/Olive victim dies — UPDATE

img_9697-600x401The 31-year-old man shot in what was described as a targeted assault on a Capitol Hill street earlier this month has died.

Detectives are now investigating the early morning November 13th shooting at 13th and E Olive St as a homicide, Seattle Police confirmed Wednesday morning.

Thanks to a CHS reader for this image of a memorial to the victim left at 13th and Olive

Thanks to a CHS reader for this image of a memorial to the victim left at 13th and Olive

The victim in the shooting died in the hospital earlier this week. Witnesses reported multiple shots being fired and the victim reportedly suffered a gunshot wound to the neck as he was jumped while at the corner of 13th and Olive with a small group. Officers spoke with several witnesses who said the suspect ran up to the victim, shot him several times, and then ran away.

The victim has not yet been publicly identified. UPDATE: The King County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim as Jacob Osborne-Bash.

Police are looking for a white SUV type vehicle the shooter is believed to have left the area in following the shooting. Police say though there were witnesses to the incident, they do not have a good description of the suspect.

The incident comes in a string of gun violence across Capitol Hill and the East Precinct.

UPDATE x2: Police say a stolen glock pistol was found on the ground near the victim and baggies containing 41 grams of cocaine were handed over to police by emergency room medical personnel after being found when Osborne-Bash was taken to Harborview.

According to the SPD report on the incident, a man who identified himself as Osborne-Bash’s brother told police the two and a friend were out getting food and walking back on 12th. The brother told police that, as they turned and reached 13th and Olive, Osborne-Bash said he needed to relieve himself. While his brother and friend crossed the street waiting for Osborne-Bash, shots rang out. The brother told police he originally thought Osborne-Bash had opened fire but said he then saw a male in a white hoodie running from the scene southbound on 13th.

Police say a gun lying near Osborne-Bash when he was found unconscious with a bullet hole in the side of his neck was reported stolen.

UPDATE x3: Friends of Osborne-Bash and a family member who asked not to be identified tell CHS the 31-year-old regularly went out in the Pike/Pine area, was well known and liked by staff where he hung out regularly, and had no reason to fear for his life that night.

The Central District resident had been busted for drug offenses in the past including a conviction for possession of cocaine found during the investigation of an extortion case brought after police said he contacted a burglary victim and offered to sell back their stolen property in 2011. He was eventually sentenced to a year in jail for those crimes. Previously, he had been convicted three times in felony drug cases involving possession of marijuana or cocaine beginning in 2003, according to court records.

The full SPD report on the incident is below.

UPDATE x4: Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying Osborne-Bash’s murderer:

Detectives are looking to speak with anyone who may have witnessed this incident. Please call the homicide tip line at (206) 233-5000 if you have any information.

This is the first homicide case on Capitol Hill since 23-year-old Ramon Mitchell was gunned down in a Pine parking lot in August, 2015. The killing remains unsolved.

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11 thoughts on “Capitol Hill shooting now a murder investigation as 13th/Olive victim dies — UPDATE

  1. Mmm….some unanswered questions. Presumably, the large amount of cocaine was found on his person by the staff at Harborview. Since it was all in baggies, was he a drug dealer? If the shooter was trying to rob him of the cocaine, wouldn’t he have taken it with him as he fled?

    I’m not trying to blame the victim…..even if he was a dealer, he didn’t deserve to be shot and die.

    • It sounds like some kind of gang thingy and these people probably knew each other. Of course they will work it out among themselves as they normally do.

  2. The thing that annoyed me (aside from the crapload of drugs and the shooting itself) is the ‘decided to relieve himself’ – dude, everyone else’s yard/house/trashcan isn’t your bathroom – how about at home? Or the restroom in the store you *just* left? Eish.

    • That’s a police-ism. Just means SPD has it officially documented as stolen. I noticed one local outlet screwed it up and accidentally reported stolen from Seattle Police. Oops.

  3. bro u will be missed… but never forgotten long live HUS.. I cry every day….thanks for ur love and friend ship….. love u always lol bro..