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Chicken and waffle ice cream? The Central District Ice Cream Company says yes

Of course he’ll serve chicken and waffle ice cream. The food and drink entrepreneur behind Nate’s Wings and Waffles and the Happy Grillmore food truck is putting the finishing touches on his new candy and ice cream shop, The Central District Ice Cream Company on E Union near Hollow Earth Radio and 20/20 Cycle.

Darren McGill’s latest project has created a nice bit of buzz along the stretch also home to Katy’s Corner and Chuck’s. McGill said the buildout of the former pilates studio is nearly complete and he is hoping for an opening around Thanksgiving.

15156758_351947808499644_7016531821851975609_o“I’ve been making ice cream for years,” McGill said. “A lot of people were coming into Nate’s and asking for dessert.”

In late 2015, McGill and business partners Andrae Israel and NBA star Nate Robinson expanded Nate’s Wings and Waffles to E Jefferson. The new shop gives McGill a kind of nearby “triangle” between Nate’s CD and his home making it an easy choice for a location for the new venture. The neighborhood’s families will also be good for business.

“It just seems more neighborhoody with a lot of families walking around.”

The plan is for a limited rotation of eight or nine flavors including plenty of one of a kind creations to rival McGill’s sometimes wild waffle concoctions.  The chicken and waffles ice cream is for real — fried chicken bits, brown maple sugar ice cream. Other flavors include black sesame with nor and an ube ice cream made with real sweet potato and a coconut and caramel swirl. The less adventuresome kids will also find a few more standard flavors in the mix.

The shop will also offer “penny” candy jars with candy by the pound. Or you can grab one of Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode chocolate bars.

Though November might not be the first time of year you’d pick for an ice cream shop opening, plant-based ice cream shop Frankie and Jo’s is also reportedly opening soon on the backside of Pike/Pine. McGill will also find some competition from across the street where Chuck’s offers a case of Full Tilt flavors by the scoop and we’ve heard rumors of yet another ice cream player making plans for this area of the Central District. Stay tuned.

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