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CHS Pics | ‘X’ marks the spot above Capitol Hill’s newest ‘luxury community,’ the Excelsior Apartments

(Images: CHS)

(Images: CHS)

Nope, the Paramount Theater hasn’t moved up-Hill. New eye-catching signage went up earlier this week on the newly opened Excelsior Apartments and neighbors and passersby are definitely noticing. That’s show biz.

According a person familiar with the building’s management, a small amount of complaints began after only a few days of the new signs’ debuts. The big, tall sign hanging above the sidewalk at Pine and Bellevue certainly is getting noticed. But there is also a giant red “X” now on top of the development’s southeast corner that is catching plenty of eyes.

The permanent features tie into the building’s marketing of auto row-era Capitol Hill stylings and x-themed slogans: xplore, xciting, xperience… etc.

8459460834_95851893eb_o-1The project is named for the first commercial tenant recorded in the building the preservation-boosted development incorporated at Melrose and Pine. You might have known it as the Bauhaus building. But in the early 20th century, it was home to the Excelsior Motorcycle and Bicycle Company, a Seattle showroom for the British bicycle, motorcycle and car maker’s creations.

The eight story, 203-unit, 180 parking space, preservation incentive boosted (but not landmarks worthy) development is now open to tenants and its street level commercial spaces are starting to fill including Seattle home decor business Stock and Pantry and high-end cycling brand Rapha. There are still commercial spaces for smaller retail ventures to join the project as well as a still unclaimed restaurant space on Melrose.

Apartment units, meanwhile, inside the building the new signs are helping to market are being advertised as a “luxury community” that pus the “lively city right outside your front door.” The cheapest Excelsior units advertised currently include $1,727 per month for a “497-561 Sq. Ft., 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Apartment Home.” The most expensive listing we found is $3,015 per month for a two-bedroom unit. The site also lists two bedroom, two bath lofts for $4,687. Round up eight or nine friends and you’ll be set.

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18 thoughts on “CHS Pics | ‘X’ marks the spot above Capitol Hill’s newest ‘luxury community,’ the Excelsior Apartments

    • It is glaringly and annoyingly bright at night into our living rooms. They should have considered the impact on the neighboring apartments that have been in existence before this project. This is already a thriving community no need to be obnoXious about your eXistence (see what I did there?) Frankly, I think it’s tacky. But if it is here to stay, I wished it wasn’t so bright. WA state did pass a light pollution measure.

  1. It’s funny, even the cheaper buildings are now trying to compete with these places. My building/property management is listing all their 1 bedrooms at 1,595. I would rather live in new construction than an 1950’s joint with crappy services. The cost of living in Seattle is soaring. Soon I won’t be able to afford the Puget Sound. :(

  2. Rode my bike past this morning, it is hard to miss! I kind of like the X on the top, might add some interest to our skyline from certain vantage points, but I’m not so keen on the vertical signage. Too much branding/marketing…. and both of them together is too much.

  3. I walked by this morning and decided I like it – It’s a little silly, but it adds color and whimsy to the street. Reminds me of a classic neon sign (most of which would never meet code these days but are typically well loved)

    And FWIW, so much less tacky than the horrid AVA building up the street with its much sillier blue neon!

  4. The sign is back. Anybody know why/how? It is a total eye sore and a gross waste of energy. It ruins any pleasant view of the city at night.

    • From our west facing view on CapHill the “X” is an obnoxious disruption to the skyline at night and completely unnecessary as signage. I’m sure the apartments across pine from Excelsior have got to be pissed.

      I can see several new apt buildings from my window and none of them seem to need obtuse, excessively lit roof signs.