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Election 2016 | Election Night parties on Capitol Hill

In 2008, Capitol Hill celebrated change. In 2012, it was four more years and gay marriage. In 2016, many are hoping for a rather gender un-neutral dance party as Hillary Clinton’s I’m with Her campaign reaches what is predicted to be a successful conclusion. Will you still feel like dancing?

Here is how Election Day and Night 2016 will play out across Capitol Hill including the roster of parties taking place around the neighborhood.

Election Day Timeline

  • 3 PM State results will be reported as AP starts projecting winners
  • 4:30 PM Ohio polls close and projection activity for presidential election kicks in
  • 8 PM west coast polls close — you have to either have your ballot postmarked by 8 PM, or, better!, dropped in the King County Elections ballot box in front of Seattle Central.
  • 8 to 8:30 PM First King County results
  • 1:30 AM (Wednesday) — Second King County results drop. ZZZZzzzzz.


  • CANDIDATE PARTIES: The challengers in the 43rd District will either be off Hill or doing something super secret —Nicole Macri is at Rachel’s Ginger Beer down at the Market while Dan Shih hasn’t announced any celebration plans publicly. The 7th District candidates for congress, however, will partying here in the neighborhood. Pramila Jayapal will be at Optimism Brewing while Brady Walkinshaw is at The Cantebury.
  • 12th Ave Arts: S14919023_10154087379566270_1887794478688329400_otrawberry Theatre hosts a free community watch party in the lobby of the 12th Ave Arts building starting at 6 PM: ElectioNation is Strawshop’s traditional election night party; a free night of neighbors and news, drinks and democracy… in the lobby at 12th Ave Arts. Join us at 6pm or later on Tue Nov-8. Feel the citizenship.
  • 14980802_10154703255309496_8956867804805251327_nWildroseCome join us tomorrow for Our SuperHill Taco Tuesday!! Up-to-date election results as they come in! Let’s celebrate together and watch history being made! #imwithher
  • Town Hall: The Election Night Watch Party at the First Hill venue is free and gets started at 5 PM: Join us at Town Hall for our traditional election viewing party. The bar will be open throughout and a panel of local journalists and political experts will be on hand to guide us through national and local news. This is the end of a historic, expectation-defying election season with much at stake on all levels of government. Let’s take it all in together!
  • Neumos and Moe Bar: Free admission to this E Pike party zone adjacent venue. Expect “drink specials and patriotic surprises.” Starts at 4 PM.
  • Purr: $10 burgers. America: Come watch the results. Drink specials all night. $10 Burger & Beer!
  • Comet Tavern: We’re pretty sur14615859_10157692894785008_266117809093888545_oe $0.25 jell-o shots might be necessary at some point in the night.
    Come make history with us at The Comet Tavern! All TVs and our big screen will be tuned in starting at 6pm until late night to watch Hillary become the first female Pesident of the United States of America. In true Comet fashion, there will be plenty of activites and cheap drink specials at the best Eletion Party in town! Leave it to us to make one of the most momentous events in American history to be a night of pure, unadulterated fun.During the election, we will be hosting a Swing State Raffle where guests guess the swing state outcomes to enter to win The Goodship Swag bags and Comet Gift Cards. A Political Caricature Artist will be drawing free caricatures for you and your friends so you can have a respecable piece of history to hang on your wall. Or even step on into our photo booth with fun Election props. Bring in your “I Voted” sticker and recieve as many $0.25 Jello Shots you could ever want! We will be serving special “Grab the Election” #CupcakeRoyal cupcakes while supplies last! Pitcher Party starts at 4pm with $4 pitchers. DJ Damaged Britt spinning all night in between major Election announcements!
  • Dino’s Tomato Pie: Free goofy masks… and free bubbly when Hillary wins:
    This is it. The election of the millennium. Join us for a nail-biting evening of great tremendousness as we project the election on Seattle’s Smallest Big Screens™. And not only that, we’ll be featuring drink specials so bigly amazing it’s going to be unbelievable, everyone’s been talking about it. And folks, also very much great is our huge-I mean huge folks- and special “America Pie” pizza. So divided (8 slices) and delicious for only *$17.76 (*$5 administration fee not included. We’ll also have party favors and masks and bubbles oh my! One day only! PS. When Hillary wins free Andre “real” champagne toast ! PPS. If trump wins free handkerchiefs will be distributed to wipe up America’s tears. PPS. If Gary Johnson wins we’ll pay for your entire tab.
  • Revolver14976701_1130220860396081_8012275961783984072_oElection Party / Drink N Draw. Join us for the election of the century! We’ll be watching the polls and drinking for joy and/or drinking the pain away. Happy Hour is 4:00-7:00, then it’s $5 Jameson & Espolòn for the rest of the night! Drink & Draw also starts at 7:00 and will provide some much needed art therapy.
  • R Place: “The Biggest Gayest Election Party Ever” sounds like a big promise to keep.
  • Good CitizenThis election is kind of a big deal. Well, we’re going to fill up Good Citiizen and watch the returns on the big screen. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
  • The Cloud Room: RSVP is required for this “election decompression event — We are finishing the presidential cycle and throwing a south of the border election spa day at the Cloud Room! Come watch the polls with JuiceBox wellness shots, never build the wall mezcal, face masks from Cake Skincare, Theo Chocolate, and everything we need to revitalize after this epic marathon. What a long strange journey it’s been.
  • Fred Wildlife Refuge: A free “Election Day Cabaret,” you say? 14902736_551546631715537_1823346390799047535_o
    For the 3rd time, Can Can/Fred Wildlife Refuge bring together these Seattle artistic treasures for this season’s political and election commentary told through comedy, your favorite songs, Youtube videos and trivia. Drink / food specials galore and prize giveaways. We’ve moved the show to Fred Wildlife Refuge this time to accommodate new high tech experiences. Hosted by Hillary and Donald themselves! Also staring Kaleb Kerr, Celene Ramadan and featuring very special guests Orkestar Zirkonium.
  • Central CinemaLet’s get through this night together, shall we? We’re watching the results come in live on the big screen, with Hecklevision enabled to celebrate, comfort, and keep spirits up with the help of your wise-ass texts, along with election night bingo. This is a free event: just show up, order some eats and drinks, and enjoy the heckles! Goes until it ends.
  • The Bottleneck LoungeWe believe that she will win – and next Tuesday, we intend to celebrate (go vote). Join us at The BottleNeck and Two Doors Down (after you vote) as our country makes history and elects our first female president. We’ll be running a FIVE HOUR HAPPY HOUR at both locations to help ease the collective jitters (after you vote) and we’ll also be featuring our double-patty All American Burger from open to close. No one should be alone on November 8th (except for those who don’t vote). We’ll have live coverage on the TVs and plenty of beverages to go around (please vote)!
  • Eltana has a special offer

  • Babeland does too:
    When it comes to sexual preferences by party, did you know Democrats are more likely to masturbate with a sex toy and Republicans are more likely to own a butt toy?* Sex toy preferences aside if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s our right to vote! So get out and choose your next president on November 8. To celebrate your act of patriotism we’ll give a free Babeland sex toy to the first 100 visitors to our stores, who can choose either the Babeland Silver Bullet vibrator or Butt Beads when you mention the word Hillary ‘vote’.

  • Anarchists: Just sayin’:cwsc6k3ukaancaj
    Tuesday November 8th 10pm @ Seattle Central
    Whoever They Vote For, We Are Ungovernable Anti-Election Anarchist Demonstration in Seattle on Tuesday, November 8th.
    This is a call from anarchists to take to the streets on election night, and therefore is coming from a deep-seated hatred for the entire electoral spectacle, this year being no different. There are points that make this election more visceral; primarily the way in which trump has emboldened the racist right and attempted to attach the white working class to his racist agenda, and the way hillary has brought back the neo-liberalism of deportation and genocide with a smile. Yet, there is no candidate we could or would support; that would be a fundamental shift in what it means to struggle for a world free of domination. That is why on election night we will take to the streets, not in an attempt to throw our hat in the political ring or “provide alternative,” but to possibly find others who also feel enraged and dis-empowered. As well as, in the event that trump wins, to be prepared to confront the throngs of both organized racists and general bigots that will be celebrating that victory.

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