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Enjoy the Annapurnas and The Redwoods you know and love… 2017 is coming

In this week of regrets and coulda, woulda, shouldas, here is an opportunity to get ahead of the sadness and enjoy some of your favorite things before… well, things change.

Two design reviews being planned for the start of 2017 have big implications for two Capitol Hill small businesses that have grown into neighborhood favorites.

First, on January 11th, the first review is planned for the seven-story apartment building slated to replace the block where The Redwood stands today.

Two weeks later, subterranean Broadway eatery Annapurna and its street-level Yeti Bar will watch as the six-story mixed-use project set to replace its home gets its first review.

Both procedural events will start the clock ticking on the end as we know it for the popular neighborhood joints. You will have at least a year for the design review process to play out and typically several more months for the demolition and construction permits to be lined up.

For Annapurna, the restaurant and bar is just beginning to work on its plan for what comes next, owner Sujan Sharma tells CHS. In summer of 2015, Sharma and Roshita Shrestha celebrated their Yeti Bar expansion after surviving years of nearby light rail construction and fully aware of the plans for their block that have been in motion since 2013, according to city permits.

How many times can you make the Redwood plan joke?

How many times can you make the Redwood plan joke?

The owners at The Redwood plan a different fate. In August, CHS talked with owner Lisa Brooke about the dive bar’s limbo status as the project planned for the block moved slowly forward. Earlier, Brooke said she hoped to get another six-month lease in October to stay open through May 2017. She and husband Mat Brooke, a former member of the rock band Band of Horses, don’t plan to reopen the bar here but might transplant the business to their current hometown of Port Angeles. “We really want to stay here until the wrecking ball comes,” Lisa said this summer.

Both projects will take a long time to kick into motion and have already seen delays prolonging the process. And, given the surprises of the world, it’s possible that neither project is ever started. But the design review schedule for January is the real deal. For now, you can enjoy what you have and prepare for what comes next.

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7 thoughts on “Enjoy the Annapurnas and The Redwoods you know and love… 2017 is coming” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. Annapurna could use a nice *clean* new space… Nothing nastier than having a cockroach run across your plate…. the food was OK, but not even close to special enough to tolerate that a second time.

  2. I do not understand tearing down the building Annapurna is in. It seems old enough to be considered historic. Is already a 3 story. Plenty of space on Broadway to put 6 story buildings up already.

  3. According to the King County Assessor web site, the building was built in 1905. But we can’t just preserve every old building. Life does not stand still!