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Broadway Chronicles | Orange Man

(Images: Tim Durkan)

(Images: Tim Durkan)

While merchants along Broadway busy themselves with holiday murals, neighborhood shutterbug Tim Durkan recently came across a different sort of artistic project altogether where Denny meets E Olive Way…

One of my favorite aspects about Capitol Hill is the cast of characters that you can meet on any given night — like Orange Man here.

I had been curious about the appearance of this colorful mural on a nearby wall but hadn’t actually seen anybody at work — until a late night walkabout. Seems the artist, who’s real name is Patrick Grogan, is not only very talented when it comes to depicting whimsical, dream-like landscapes but also quite the philosopher.

The (short version) story here involves the connectivity between nature and ourselves through the galactic space-time continuum — awesome! Patrick also told me that he provides this work for free so that we can all feel the connectedness, so if you live in the neighborhood you should go connect with it because it’s cool :-) If you’d like to see more of his work online – go check out More pictures, below.

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6 thoughts on “Broadway Chronicles | Orange Man

  1. Ummmm….there is already an Orange Man, who goes by Orange Man, who lives and makes art on Capitol Hill for almost 20 years. Homeboy needs to change his name.

  2. That’s my big brother. I miss him. I haven’t been able to get in touch with him in many years. Please tell him powers misses and loves him. And you or he can email me