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CHS History | Crash leaves bus hanging above I-5, Peloton opens, Capitol Hill covenants

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-37-52-pmHere are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



Metro will reroute the 10 to better serve Capitol Hill Station

Peloton — cafe, bar, bike shop — ready to ride on E Jefferson

Love City Love finds a new home on Capitol Hill



Goodbye First Hill McDonald’s, hello 17-story mixed-use building  

#blacklivesmatter: A look at the covenants on Capitol Hill



CHS Community Post: This is what 40 years of neglect looks like… goodbye to 16th Ave E



Rainbow Crosswalk Project — Where on Capitol Hill should the rainbow crosswalks go?

Blotter | Indecent Santa reported in Hill bar, SPD taser arrest on E Pike



With light rail tunnel reaching Volunteer Park, will Capitol Hill hear the Montlake Murmur?

CHS Pics | Santarchy blacks out on Capitol Hill



Woman robbed at gunpoint after First Hill flat tire ruse

Goodbye, CC’s Madison, hello Cascadia Center: Demolition begins



Capitol Hill light rail station Phase 2 about to begin: Let’s get ready to tunnel

Elliott Bay Book Co. Capitol Hill welcome wagon: Thoughts from Hill’s booksellers



Accident leaves bus hanging over I5

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