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CHS-V: Video nostalgia for Capitol Hill, 2009

In the beginning, while CHS was still figuring it all out, we were fortunate to luck into working with some extremely talented people who were still figuring it all out also. One of them was Capitol Hill video production pro David Albright. Why he chose the byline Cheesecake, you’ll have to ask him. But one particular series of work has been one of our favorites. Like many things from CHS’s digital past, Albright’s CHS-V series decayed over the years and eventually was removed completely from the various video services it utilized. Let that be a warning and reminder to you as you slave away at digital content today. But for these holidays, Cheesecake has given us a lovely present. His short-lived but much-loved video series is back online. His assignment was simple. Give us a version of Charles Kuralt’s Sunday Morning-style meditations on nature. Only do it on Capitol Hill. The result, we think, is loving, moving portrait of the neighborhood. Tune in to one of the episodes whenever you need to chill or want to remember the parts of Capitol Hill that you like. Or if you are feeling very nostalgic for 2009.

The full CHS-V series is below.

You can view more of Albright’s work here.

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