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Soup for you: Marmite’s brothy walk-up window makes holiday debut

Bruce and Sara Naftaly began ladling out the bone-warming goodness of Marmite, their new soup-centric project in Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row, on the quiet and cold Friday before Christmas.

After a Boxing Day break, the window will kick into action Tuesday with noon to 4 PM walk-up service Mondays through Fridays:

Ring in the season by welcoming Marmite’s take away window at Chophouse Row. Take home daily choices of stocks and soups – if the gods had enjoyed broth, this would’ve been their ambrosia. Uber sustenance for body and soul.

The larger Naftaly takeover of the former Chop Shop restaurant space will be rounded out when “intimate lounge” Spirit in the Bottle opens in “early 2017.”

CHS talked with Bruce Naftaly about Marmite — named for a French cooking pot not the sticky, salty spread — this fall as the veteran restaurateur broke the news about his expansion into the Chophouse Row’s centerpiece restaurant space. The Naftalys were already a central part of the project with Amandine Bakeshop’s 11th Ave streetfront presence featuring the work of macaron genius Sara and coffee from Empire Espresso. Marmite and its bar join a roster of food, drink, and retail tenants including farm-to-ice cream cone champion Kurt Timmermeister who has taken a 300-square-foot patch of space for his dairy-powered cream and cheese ventureKurt Farm Shop, and a new Upper Bar Ferd’nand.

Marmite’s opening in its early version adds another tick for the tally of 2016 debuts. CHS will be rounding up the year in food and drink across the Hill soon.

Marmite is located in the Chophouse Row at 1424 11th Ave. You can learn more at

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3 thoughts on “Soup for you: Marmite’s brothy walk-up window makes holiday debut

  1. “if the gods had enjoyed broth, this would have been their ambrosia.”
    Are they actively trying to turn off potential customers?

  2. their site says 11-4 and facebook says noon to 4 and above it reads 11-6. it’d be good if they could get their hours straight across different platforms.

    also, are they just targeting the ladies who lunch and handful of office workers on capitol hill? wouldn’t it make sense to stay open until at least 7pm for those people who might, i don’t know, want to takeaway soup for dinner?

    though, at $9 per soup and $12 for a blt, they may not be looking to feed the wage slaves.