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Capitol Hill Community Post | Watch the mail for your $100 in Democracy Vouchers

From the Democracy Voucher Program
15895606_410956995913357_1848337842589863171_oYou could receive your $100 in #DemocracyVouchers as early as today! Look for these in your mailboxes. If you are a registered voter or applied for the program, your Democracy Vouchers can arrive anytime beginning January 3 – January 23. Let’s get more Seattle residents involved in city government. Look for who you can give your vouchers to here: Candidates have until June 2, 2017 to qualify. Remember to check the website often and keep your vouchers in a safe place!

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4 years ago

I resent being taxed for others to be able to contribute to political campaigns. That should be a personal choice financed personally and my has-a-mortgage tax dollars could be better spent.