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With a wave of January Capitol Hill closures, let’s get this out of the way: You have 294 days left at the Redwood

13344674_1183628921668766_2923853009373861798_nIt has been a month of closures across Capitol Hill food and drink. We think we know what the matter is. CHS waited too long to post about this, the final, this is really it, no we’re not kidding end of the Redwood:

Well its official, Devoted Redwood Regulars, and those who think we are closed already….Ive always promised a date of closure, and I could not give one as we were “waiting for wrecking ball” So, we have been going on 6 month lease extensions. (one of the reasons for it taking so long was the first developer sold it to another developer) It has been mind boggling for us to not really know but this has passed and we can now pick a date:
NOVEMBER 16TH 2017. Will be the official last day of the current Redwood and all its leaky charms and 12 years of history will stand. It kinda feels good knowing this, and its 10 months of knowing, so we hope to enjoy it to the max. Thank you all for the inquires and concerns and sticking by us and trying that handle to see if it still opened. We hope to see all good familiar faces from the past to say goodbye and hope to meet a bunch of new faces too! We can try to have a lot of fun in the next 10 months donchyathink? xxox

Given that its end — to make way for microhousing and, yes, perhaps a new bar or restaurant space — won’t come until November, we thought we’d give things a little time before helping to spread the word. The Redwood, after all, has had a few false alarms over the years. But this one is for real. While we’re clearing out the juju, let’s also say goodbye to tiny Resto on E Thomas after it quietly slipped away (and stopped returning our messages) in 2016. We can also include some sort of au revoir for E Pine’s Japanese-transformed-to-French Vivre which is still a functioning event space but is no longer, apparently, a functioning restaurant. The murky depths of E Olive Way’s Bleu Bistro’s Grotto also disappeared without a proper sendoff. There may be a couple more. Let us know.


Meanwhile, the final days of January will bring some last chances to say goodbye. Saturday brings the blowout party to send Clever Dunne’s on its way. Sunday is your last chance for a chocolate martini and slice of cake on Broadway at Dilettante. You can start your Sunday on Broadway with one last stop at Let it Bean. Tuesday is the last day at Bellevue Ave’s Broadcast Coffee before work begins to change the space into a new craft coffee venture. Final plans aren’t solid yet but Good Citizen also could be closing down next week with an upstair school’s expansion moving in. Tuesday is the final night at 19th Ave E’s Ernest Loves Agnes. We don’t yet know what’s lined up next for the former Kingfish spotNaka is closing Sunday — but this one is a reboot. And Charlie’s? You’re too damn late. See what happens when you wait around?

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7 thoughts on “With a wave of January Capitol Hill closures, let’s get this out of the way: You have 294 days left at the Redwood

  1. I guess I’m old, because I still think of the Redwood as “that kitschy new faux-hipster retro bar that went in across the alley from my old apartment”. Is twelve years really all it takes to become an institution? I guess they were doing something right, then.

  2. I am not at all surprised that Dilettante is closing, only that it didn’t sooner. Never more than a few people in there every time I walk by, which is many times per week at different times and on different days.