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206 Burger Company plans March opening on First Hill

We can tell you what is coming next at the corner of Madison and Terry but we can’t tell you much about what happened to the old Corner Cafe.

Suren Shrestha and his family are opening 206 Burger Company at 1000 Madison likely sometime mid-March.

“I’m excited to serve quality burgers to the neighborhood,” he told CHS.

Shrestha opened his 206 Burger Company takeout location downtown on 3rd Ave between Marion and Columbia in 2014 but he has been cooking burgers for more than a decade.

“I’m very passionate about cooking a good burger,” he said.

Shrestha’s passion for burgers started when he moved to Bellingham for school from Nepal in 2000. He started in the restaurant business as a dishwasher. After moving away for a few years, he returned to Washington in 2007 and worked for a few restaurants before opening Rain City Burgers in the Ravenna neighborhood with a business partner in 2010.

Shrestha had been looking for another location for a while. His lease downtown is up at the end of the year. While developers have plans to tear down the building he’s currently in, he said things are moving slowly for them, so he might be able to extend his stay for another year or two.

The First Hill location previously belonged to longtime breakfast and brunch spot the Corner Cafe, which according to a Yelp reviewer closed on Christmas Day.

The space, which is a lot bigger than what Shrestha is used to at his downtown location, will take some time to remodel, he said but will allow him to offer more.

The arrival of 206 Burger echoes the move of its Madison neighbor on the other end of the block where Italian Family Pizza moved in last summer after its start downtown.

Shrestha plans to expand his menu and include breakfast sandwiches. The downtown menu currently consists of seven quarter-pound beef burgers, a few fish and chicken sandwiches, fries, tots and, onion rings for sides, and shakes. He plans to be open on First Hill from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Shrestha said he focuses on natural, quality ingredients for his burgers. His beef, by the way, is from Oregon-based Painted Hills Natural Beef.

He’s got an ambitious goal to open a new location each year for the next five years. Right now he is focused on Seattle, but hopes to eventually expand east and north outside of the city using the area codes of the new locations in the name.

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