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Another Capitol Hill crossbike to be installed on E Pine

Capitol Hill’s already colorful pavement is about to get a few more markings on E Pine near Broadway. The Seattle Department of Transportation says the intersection of Pine and Nagle will be the next on the Hill to get the “crossbike” treatment:

We use bright green paint to make crosswalk-like stripes at intersections where bicyclists and drivers have come into conflict. Some people call these striped lanes a “crossbike.” Think of it as a crosswalk for people biking.

The city says a crossbike can help raise “awareness for both bicyclists and motorists to potential conflict areas” and “makes bicycle movements more predictable,” among other benefits. During last September’s Park(ing) Day street park pop-ups around the city, the Cascade Bicycle Club’s installation created a semi-separated bikeway along the same stretch’s also conflict-creating eastbound lane.

SDOT says the new E Pine crossbike will be installed in coming months “when weather is warmer and drier, so materials will stick to the pavement.”

We’ve noted the addition of the “conflict area” markers before including along E Pine below Broadway. They’ve joined a colorful, busy array of markings around Capitol Hill’s Broadway core thanks to the addition of elements like bike boxes, the Broadway bikeway, the First Hill Streetcar, and the Pike/Pine rainbow crosswalks.

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