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Another Capitol Hill re-start, Adana reboots at 15th and Pine

There is another Capitol Hill food and drink opening we should recognize and this one also represents a re-start, of sorts. But unlike Contadino where a new chef/owner came in to launch a new concept, Adana at 15th and Pine is fully Shota Nakajima’s reboot.

The young chef/owner unveiled his second play on traditional Japanese earlier this month and is now running at full speed with the new, more comfortable, reportedly more affordable take.

“I am simplifying everything. Simplifying labor, simplifying food,” Nakajima told CHS in January as he closed down the meticulously fussy Naka to make way for the new Adana. “But I haven’t given up on what I wanted to do.”

Adana is centered around a $37 three-course menu of classic Japanese with dishes fully based around Nakajima’s focus on details and quality. The dishes will rotate seasonally so expect a shift from month to month as the availability of fresh ingredients changes. After early feedback, Adana will also loosen up and offer items a la carte. To really loosen up, head to the bar where favorite katsu sandwiches are planned to be a holdover from the Naka days with quality drinking food like yakisoba also available. Meanwhile, Nakajima’s new project is also open seven days a week — 5 PM to midnight.

One thing not part of the change: Adana has no plans to add a service charge, a restaurant rep tells CHS.

In the end, the shift at Adana is a matter of degrees. It has dropped a $ from its $$$$ ranking at review sites and, Nakajima hopes, made itself an easier place for his neighbors to stop by.

Adana is located at 1449 E Pine. You can check out to learn more.

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