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Blotter | 15th Ave E crash, QFC beer thief melee, three more driver vs. pedestrian incidents


A pedestrian was hit by a driver February 14th at Melrose and Pine (Image: SDOT)

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  • 15th Ave E crash: Police searched the area around Volunteer Park early Friday morning after a midnight crash left a Jeep Cherokee and a few parked cars mangled on 15th Ave E. According to police radio dispatches, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the crash. It was believed he may have suffered a serious injury due to the nature of the collision. While there were no immediate arrests, police have identified the registered owner of the vehicle. There were no other reported injuries.
  • Driver vs pedestrian incidents: Following the February 3rd collision that injured a pedestrian at the busy intersection of Broadway, John, and E Olive Way, this week brought a ripple of three more incidents in which a pedestrian was reportedly struck by a driver around the East Precinct. We’re still gathering information on the incidents which can take weeks due to the way collision reports are compiled and made available to the public. In the first incident, a pedestrian was reported hit by a driver on E Pine at Melrose just before 8 PM on February 14th. Just minutes and blocks away at Belmont and E Olive Way, Seattle Fire and police responded to another pedestrian hit by a vehicle. Details on the incidents are scant but Seattle Fire says the injuries were not life threatening. Meanwhile, a third incident was reported around 3:30 PM on Thursday afternoon on Boren at Seneca. We’re still gathering injury information on that incident and will request the collision report when it is available.

  • QFC beer thief: A beer shoplifter at the Broadway/Pike QFC did hundreds of dollars worth of damage and created quite the Capitol Hill scene in an incident reported Friday, February 10th around 8 PM. According to the report on the incident, a suspect attempting to flee the grocery store with a six-pack of beer struggled with employees who tried to stop him and threw a can of beer at the electric panel that controls the store’s doors. According to the store manager, the direct hit destroyed the panel and made the doors inoperable, causing somewhere between $600 and $1,000 in damage. As he ran from the store, the suspect punched a bicycle delivery driver who happened to ride by at the same time. Police arrived to find the suspect being held down by passersby.
  • Pike/Pine road rage: A February 5th road rage incident near Broadway and Pine started with an ominous dispatch for its officers: “”BLU FORD LL KEEPS RAMMING INTO GOLD KIA, POSS ROAD RAGE ISSUE.” Police arrived to find the damaged vehicles but no suspect. screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-56-47-am screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-56-58-am screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-57-14-amA woman walking in the area told police what happened next:screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-57-25-amThere were no reported arrests.
  • Failed Summit Slope mugging: Stern words were enough to fend off a would-be street robber in an incident reported around 5 PM on Wednesday, February 8th near Summit Slope Park:screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-48-09-am
  • Camping assault: A man rousted for camping outside the E Olive Way Starbucks went into rage inside the store in a February 13th incident reported just after 7 AM.
    screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-11-09-00-amThe man was arrested for trespass and investigation of a weapons charge.
  • Glass smashing burglar: There have been a handful of break-ins reported on lower Pike near Melrose including one incident reported on February 5th in which a burglar smashed the door, broke into Tango, and trashed the place before leaving without apparently stealing much if anything of value. A nearby store was also smashed up the night before and an E Pike restaurant suffered a similar smash and no grab last week.
  • Pike phone robbery: A just after midnight robbery reported on E Pike on February 2nd was a robbery, indeed, but it also sheds a little light on the drug marketplace in the streets between the Hill and downtown.screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-40-22-amThere were no reported arrests.
  • Harborview copper thieves: Police took two suspects into custody and seized 7.9 grams of suspected meth after catching copper wire thieves in the act at First Hill’s Harborview Medical Center in an incident reported around 2:30 AM on February 2nd. According to the report, police arrived to see a white male flee the scene in a white Chevy S-10 and found two other suspects who had used a ladder to access a building roof. The two suspected accomplices were taken into custody without incident. Police found one of the suspects was carrying suspected methamphetamine. The incident resulted in about $500 damage to the facility.
  • Emergency room assault: A tourist carrying a “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland passport” was arrested for felony assault after he reportedly tried to strangle a staff member at Cherry Hill Swedish after being brought to the emergency room intoxicated and suffering from a serious laceration to his head:
    screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-11-04-31-amThe man told police he didn’t know how he suffered the injury, how he ended up at the hospital, and did not remember trying to choke the emergency room worker. He was taken into custody for investigation of felony assault.
  • Construction worker bandit report: SPD has released its report on this February 6th hold-up of a quick mart at Pike and Boren featuring a robber dressed up like a construction worker:screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-45-38-am
  • Cop’s selfie saves purse: SPD has posted a fun little policing story from the streets of Capitol Hill in which an East Precinct officer’s selfie did the trick in helping a driver make the right decision:
    SPD Officer Eric Michl, a member of the DUI traffic squad, was working on Capitol Hill around 2 AM Sunday when a distraught woman approached him near Boylston Avenue and East Pine Street.The woman told Officer Michl she and a group of friends had taken a ride-share car service to the area, only to later realize she had left her purse and wallet inside the vehicle.The woman, who urgently needed her wallet and ID cards back as she was scheduled to fly home later in the day, contacted the ride-share driver and offered to pay him an additional fare to return the purse. The man reportedly refused and demanded more money.

    Shortly thereafter, the woman saw Officer Michl working down the street and approached him for help. Officer Michl called the ride-share driver but only reached his voicemail. He then sent the man a text message, informing him he could potentially be arrested and have his car impounded if he didn’t return the woman’s purse. To ensure he had the driver’s attention, Officer Michl also sent along a selfie to prove he was who he claimed to be:16708627_10154455156228507_1713582807105309244_n

    The ride-share driver quickly called Officer Michl back and returned to the scene. He claimed he’d been busy taking other fares, and returned the purse.
    Because the woman and her friends were leaving town later in the day–making it difficult to pursue the case further–the ride-share driver was identified and released from the scene, however the case remains open.

  • 16649143_10211405500716279_9089074000108936046_nGrocery thief: Central District residents are warning each other about a grocery thief roaming the area:
    If you get Amazon Fresh grocery deliveries, be careful because this woman came up our stairs this morning at 7:55am, sorted through our groceries, and stole what she wanted. (Not a very good picture, but it gives you an idea of what she looks like.)
  • Seattle U car theft report: Seattle U security has released this report with images of two males reported to have been seen stealing a car from a campus parking lot on Tuesday:
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