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CHS History | 23rd Ave biz relief, Nacho Borracho born, Machiavelli’s new owners

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



Expect a Pike/Pine zoo with ‘surprise’ Macklemore free show at Neumos — UPDATE

City Hall relents: $650K fund for 23rd Ave small businesses

Tech bros, affordability, and mental health — ‘the end of the line for Seattle’s gay neighborhood’



Uncle Ike’s owner snatches up 15th Ave E property sought by tōk pot shop owner

911 | Warrant operation in Central District brings SWAT to 27th Ave — UPDATE

Clouded downtown venture a rare dark spot as star Capitol Hill chef Stratton exits Spinasse



Man attacks cyclist for (lawfully) riding up Denny Way sidewalk

First look: Nacho Borracho brings margaritas and queso to Broadway bar rejuvenation



Capitol Hill food+drink | Machiavelli’s new owners are familiar faces

Project to move house eight feet for townhouse addition underway on 18th Ave E



Would you ride the Capitol Hill gondola?

Molly Moon has (mostly) secret plan for new space on Capitol Hill

With ‘the most daily deals’ in Seattle, Groupon cuts off Hill’s Thomas Street Bistro

Capitol Hill taggers’ paradise finally set to be torn down



Volunteer Park tree #98 has fallen taking a chunk of the amphitheater wall with it

Another night of SPD protests comes to Hill



Theft leaves foreclosed multi-million dollar 10th Ave E home stripped

Ravings of a book-loving lunatic! But how much should we care about Elliott Bay?



Good ‘mews’ about 11th Ave at Pike project

Broadway mixed-use project Joule taking shape, not open until 2010

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