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City of Seattle seeks candidates for Community Involvement Commission

cic_800x350If you have “three to six” hours per month you can give toward helping “advise and guide our City departments to assess, improve, and develop authentic and thorough outreach and engagement to all residents,” the city’s newly forming Community Involvement Commission needs you:

The Community Involvement Commission will advise the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and other City departments on coordinated, Citywide outreach and engagement activities. Its goals are to:

  1. Provide advice on priorities, policies, and strategies related to equitable civic engagement and public participation in City decision-making processes. This includes the review of initiatives, strategies and proposals brought forward by the City, as well as ones identified by the Commission.

  2. Provide feedback on the development of City departments’ community involvement plans with a focus on implementing more equitable engagement strategies and identifying new ways to increase civic participation in City processes.

  3. Develop and periodically amend bylaws and a work plan that enable the Commission to organize itself, perform its work, and advance program and policy proposals consistent with its mission.

You have until March 1st to apply to be part of the first ever set of 16 volunteers for the commission.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to represent your community, your civic interest, and your neighborhood in telling the City how it can do a better job of reaching and engaging all community members in the City’s actions and decisions.” You can read more about the search for commission members here.

In November, CHS reported on Seattle’s plan to shift to the new commission in a bid to increase participation of underrepresented groups with local government.

In quest for diversity, Seattle now has a Community Involvement Commission

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