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Moving on from Dougsley the failed corpse flower, Volunteer Park Conservatory welcomes jade vine’s bloom

(Image: Seattle Parks)

(Image: Seattle Parks

Fussy but spectacular, the latest feat of horticulture at the Volunteer Park Conservatory is in full bloom.

Strongylodon macrobotrys — or, jade vine — is an alien green peculiarity that requires a constant flow of warm, wet air and at least two years to reach maturity to put forth its cascade of otherworldly green bloom.

Seattle Parks says this is the first season for the conservatory jade vine to bloom forth in all its glory. “Stop by Tuesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through mid-March to check out the spectacular turquoise flowers!,” parks and rec implores.

The jade vine show is making for a more satisfying experience at the conservatory than last fall’s failed corpse flower bloom in which Dougsley the corpse flower LET US ALL DOWN, BIG TIME by stopping mid-bloom and quickly decomposing.

While you’re at Volunteer Park, stop by the Seattle Asian Art Museum before it closes for two-plus years for a planned overhaul and expansion.

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PVP Team
7 years ago

Here is the response letter from PVP team to the Seattle Art Museum’s Response to the Seattle Parks and Recreation Letter, concerning the proposed expansion of the Seattle Asian Art Museum:
There is also a link to SAM’s letter on the web page.