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Ready for Capitol Hill debut, more Paseos to come

In September, CHS broke the news that Paseo was coming to Capitol Hill. Friday night, you can try their new steak sandwich if you can stand what will likely be a hungry mob at 10th and Pike.

The Caribbean roast sandwich joint is planning a “soft opening” this weekend with 3 PM openings of its latest location in the space adjacent temporarily shuttered Neumos and the under-transformation Moe Bar.

And, apparently, like many new things on Capitol Hill these days, the new Paseo won’t be the last. 

“We have had inquiries from all over the world of people asking us how they can get involved as an investor or buy a franchise,” Ryan Santwire says. “We are now just starting to open those discussions and there will be an excellent opportunity for select investors to get involved moving forward.” Santwire purchased the rights to the Paseo name and its original Fremont location. Founded in 1994, Paseo has retained its legendary status — “third-best place to eat in the U.S.” — through the transition to new ownership and reverse engineering of its original menu. The Lorenzo family, meanwhile, now operates Un Bien in the former Paseo Ballard location.

Paseo’s introduction to the neighborhood is the latest Hill opening for a popular mid to lower priced player in Seattle’s food scene. In December, Katsu Burger debuted on 12th Ave with its Japanese-style, deep-fried sandwiches. The fact that it replaced an upscale, craft cocktail focused The Old Sage that was tangled up in a $2.4 million bankruptcy for its owner should not be overlooked.

Paseo Capitol Hill opens a few months later than its originally planned November debut in the space in front of music club Neumos left empty when Pike Street Fish Fry closed in late 2015. Neumos remains shuttered as a planned two-month overhaul inside the club is stretching out a little bit longer than planned. March 8th, the club is planning a grand re-opening party. By then, you might also get a clue about the rebooted new concept at Moe Bar. UPDATE: Neumos is open and ready for business — but tonight and Saturday’s shows are already sold out. You can visit Monday — Steve Severin says you can check out Mykki Blanco and Cakes Da Killa.

At Paseo, in addition to the new “to die for” steak sandwich, the Capitol Hill location will bring beer, wine, cider, and sangria to the Pike/Pine party with room for 24 very cozy customers inside and plans to add outdoor seating later this year. The future will likely bring a special late night menu and happy hour specials. After a weekend of limited 3 PM to 2 AM-ish openings, Paseo Capitol Hill plans to be open for good next week with 11 AM to 2 AM hours, seven days a week.

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7 thoughts on “Ready for Capitol Hill debut, more Paseos to come

    • Not sure what you ordered, but I ate at the SoDo one too, and found it to be pretty much exactly like the Freemont location. (Paseo Press). And close enough to call it just as good as Un Bien, too.

    • Agreed. The new Paseos is a mediocre knock off of the original. Instead of moist, roasted pork, they overcook their pork until it’s dryer than sand and then just drown their sandwiches in mayonnaise to try to cover it up.

      It’s clear the current owner could care less about making good food and is just trying to use name recognition and expand like crazy, hoping no one will be the wiser.

      Stick with Un Bien if you want the original. It’s a haul to get there, but it’s worth the drive. Bongos is a close second. Don’t bother with zombie Paseos, unless you’re desperate for a Cuban sandwich, no matter the quality

    • The plan to “franchise” this business is bound to result in reduced quality. It sounds to me like the new owner is just trying to cash in on the Paseo name.

  1. Thanks for the update! Do you know if it opens at 3:00 PM today (Friday)? I went by at 11:00 AM and didn’t see any signs of life.

    Their FB page and website don’t say, either.