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Big act of goodness: New Miller Park little library pops up ‘overnight’

IMG_1541Thanks to Andrew Taylor for this picture of a little good news in the Miller Park neighborhood.

After a February arson destroyed its predecessor, there is a new Little Free Library on 20th Ave near the Miller Community Center. Taylor tells us the new library appeared “overnight.”

Thanks to the unknown little free librarian who created it and restored a community asset. Let us know how we can thank you!

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9 thoughts on “Big act of goodness: New Miller Park little library pops up ‘overnight’

  1. The Free Library people send condolences to the keepers of the old library, together with a book, some fridge magnets, bookmarks and stuff. Look for the goodies soon in the library.

    BTW for those of you into Geocaching, the old library used to have a Geocache tucked away in it. Anyone like to replace it?

  2. Hey: pretty much all those lovely books had gone by Monday morning.

    Look through your bookshelves and find some goodies to enrich the lovely new little library.

  3. Are renters allowed to take books or will the generous Miller Park neighbors exclude them from the free library, too?