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Blotter | Weekend gun crimes, chaotic Pine stabbing response

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  • Weekend gun crimes: SPD investigated at least two gun violence incidents over the weekend. In the most serious incident, a male with a gunshot wound was dropped off at Swedish First Hill Friday night around 6 PM. Police were trying to determine where the shooting had occurred and had video of the car that delivered the victim to the hospital before fleeing the area. We do not know further details on the condition of the victim. Police say he was not from the Seattle area and was not forthcoming with more information about the shooting. Early Saturday morning just before 2 AM, police were called to the area around 23rd and Cherry after multiple reports of gunfire. Witnesses reported hearing six to ten shots and seeing people flee across the Garfield sports field. Meanwhile, another caller reported a vehicle had been struck by the gunfire near 23rd and Cherry. Police also found shell casings scattered south of the intersection. There were no reported injuries or arrests.
  • Pine stabbing: A chaotic stabbing scene outside a Capitol Hill nightclub Sunday ended up less serious than first feared. Police and Seattle Fire were called to the streets around the Baltic Room early Sunday morning just before 2 AM after a woman was reported stabbed outside the club. Due to large crowds of people and vehicles in the street leaving the club, Seattle Fire units were forced to wait nearby before responding to find the victim. Minutes later, according to SFD radio dispatches, the medic team reported a group was carrying the female victim to the waiting ambulance for treatment. Police were called to the ambulance at Pine and Boren to deal with friends and family of the victim who were trying to enter the vehicle with the victim. The female suffered non-life threatening injuries and was eventually taken to Harborview by private ambulance for treatment. Police were looking for a female suspect who was known to the victim in the crime. There were no immediate arrests.
  • ‘Bob the Builder Bandit’: Police are looking for help identifying the construction hat-wearing suspect involved in a chain of hold-ups around Seattle including this February 6th stick-up at Pike Grocery. If you can assist, call 911.

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7 thoughts on “Blotter | Weekend gun crimes, chaotic Pine stabbing response

  1. How many more 2am incidents do we have to endure before something is done about the Baltic Room and the adjacent parking lot? The club lets out and it’s free for all. Public consumption, loud music, some jerk off with either a Hemi challenger or a mustang who thinks it’s cool to sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes revving their engine, not caring that people are trying to sleep 20 yards away. Useless to call it in, because they’re gone by the time cops come.

  2. Story today please about the (hopefully temporary!) blue lights shining on the Group Health / “Kaiser Permanente” building this morning :)

  3. 2001/2002 I got stabbed at the Baltic Room on a house music night. Fortunately, my pager deflected most of the blow. What is it about this place?

  4. Thousands of people have been to the Baltic room over a decade. The incidents are very few and far between. Why did you move to an entertainment district and expect quiet? it’s ridiculous.

    • We’re really tired of people who don’t live here telling us what is okay to expect in our own neighborhood. THAT is ridiculous. Tell us where you live, maybe we can come wake you up twice a week four hours before you work and see how long it takes for you to complain.

    • I always thought that kind of funny, people moving in across from or above bars then being annoyed that it’s noisy. I would think that would be part of the reason you’d moved there in the first place… to be close to the nightlife.

      It took me a couple of tries but I finally learned to quit getting apartments or houses on arterials because the noise and pollution bothered me.

    • There are plenty of bars that let out with or without boisterous crowds, that don’t attract clientele that shoot or stab their fellow club-goers. The concern people have is less the noise and more the stabbings and shootings. Baltic Room and the parking lot across the street undeniably have WAY more than their fair share of those.