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CHS Pics | A stop at Sundry in Chophouse Row

With the storefronts of one of the largest developments ever in Pike/Pine opening for business, there are also some new ventures underway in the neighborhood in a different type of project.

This is what a neighborhood bodega complete with a couple of lovebirds looks like in the middle of Pike/Pine’s Chophouse Row, 11th Ave’s mixed-use, preservation friendly office, restaurant, and retail development that opened last year and has been ebbing and flowing its tenant mix with a small burst of new activity to start 2017.

One of those projects is Sundry, the cornershop concept from Holly Merrill “inspired by the bodegas of New York City” and offering “healthy takeaway along with the daily necessities.” Yes, that can mean corn flakes. You will also find some healthful quick eats like veggie bowls or a hard boiled egg. Merrill said she compiled a “wish list” from the building’s tech office workers and neighbors and put a little bit of everything on the shelves and in the cooler of the counter space hidden away in the center of the Chophouse Row street-level marketplace.

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  1. Actually you can’t really learn anything from since it’s a single page stating only “Coming Soon”.